For example, one day while having lunch with a good friend and Matt, my friend's adorable toddler son, Matt suddenly paused his chewing, looked at me intently with cupcake icing covering his lips, and asked, "what are those white spots around your mouth?". Just think, spots are not so bad...stripes would be a little harder to explain...:):). Last Updated on 3rd January 2019 by Caroline Haye. These moisture rich formulas enhance … At the same time, I can say that I'm deeply grateful for all of the experiences and realizations that I've had because of my vitiligo. My hands have repigmented nearly 85% and the areas not repigmented fully are light but not white. I have red moles. It can be very distressing but I am starting to see the positives too - it certainly has made me much more aware of diet, stress, sun exposure etc, and increased my compassion and priorities in life. Again thanks for sharing your experience. Not me, I want people to know 'why' I look this way. I think it takes especially kind souls to treat others with vitiligo or some other unique physical trait as though nothing stands out. Hi, where can i get Bavchi oil and items mentioned in pt 2 and 3 please. I also do not get cysts anymore which is genetic in my family. I would be keen to get in touch with you as I know a lady I play tennis with who is Maori and had vitiligo when she was young but now has only a spot in her chin the size of your little finger nail. Blessings and health to all with the same situation. She has a very unhealthy diet (fast food everyday,processed/packaged foods,soda,chips,sugary snacks, etc.). Amazon is the anti-aging and body-lifting cream’s allowed, retailer. I am also really worried about her because she gets sick very often. They need me to be strong. If you would like to share any thoughts on vitiligo or anything related to the main themes in this post, please feel free to add to this discussion via the comments section below. assist me in getting better again? I too found natural hygiene because of my affliction; and was surprised to find that all the pills and lotions in the world couldn't achieve what a healthy lifestyle and diet naturally gravitated towards. There may be more to it than I know. You could have a copper/zinc imbalance. Having vitiligo has deepened my capacity to empathize with others who suffer with anxiety about their appearance or any other perceived disability. I have to for the sake of my family. With esotropia, if I am talking to a person or persons and one of my eyes is off doing its own thing – they “uncomfortably” look away. I had more vitiligo go away but unfortunately, I didn’t take any before pictures of a quarter-sized one on my cheek and a silver dollar sized one on my arm totally vanished! Though my vitiligo has been relatively stable for many years now and I do experience some re-pigmentation here and there during the summers, I would be lying if I said that I never feel self conscious about it. She said to me that eating raw liver is supposed to be good for vit. I am a 34 year old female living in Auckland and I have 1 child with another on it's way. An autoimmune response is caused by leaky gut syndrome which stems from gluten intolerance or celiac disease. ), so it is good to consider. Do you have any insight on this matter? When I was younger and not as comfortable with my vitiligo, I think that others could feel my self consciousness, which may have contributed to them being extra conscious of my unique appearance. (Happy to note: Pathology and MRI results post-op show I am clear of all cancer.). I have not found a cosmetic which will not rub off but it does cover it quite well - Color Stay by Revlon. Michael Jackson famously suffered from it, allegedly bleaching his … I am still in shock. Certain foods sometimes seem to trigger it, too, chiefly dairy, but i'm usually eating those foods at the same time as the stress, so can't tell if it's a contributing factor. I have recently realized that the disappearance of the pigment in my skin is related to how I felt as a child in my family and as an adult. Save 25% with coupon. So i completely agree with you when i say that confidence and just your mentality can make all the difference. 4 Taking Mutlivitamins Curious. Is there any way to know whether permanent damage has been done or not? It is not intended to be and should not be interpreted as medical advice or a diagnosis of any health or fitness problem, condition or disease; or a recommendation for a specific test, doctor, care provider, procedure, treatment plan, product, or course of action. :) I find that the more people I talk to about it, the easier it gets. All I can say is, and I hope this comes out right....but I am greatful that you came down with vitiligo. While sunlight exposure is useful I would have to say that there was no information on compounds that allow the sunlight to work better AND produce more meaningful results than sunshine alone. Just be sure to also take 10-15 milligrams of zinc to balance it out AND at a different time than the copper. Jun 17, 2019. I've only seen pictures of you and never noticed any spots, just a very warm and happy smile. But there is one other essential stimulus for re-pigmentation: sunlight exposure. I've seen people with vitiligo, but didn't realise that's what it was. Not linked but a definite connection. I have had vitiligo for nearly 20 years. In almost all cases, even those involving young children, my belief is that there is a significant emotional component. Ruxolitinib is used to treat a group of blood disorders, but Dr Rosmarin explains how it can help combat vitiligo. As the years went by and I grew to accept that I shouldn't be ashamed of my vitiligo, I realized that people who ask about vitiligo - especially young kids - just want to know more about it; rarely is there intention to cause embarrassment. It's evident that you understand all the aspects that having this 'flavor' of autoimmune disease has on someone. Thank you for your story and information regarding vitiligo. Thank you, Dr. Kim. "Topical ruxolitinib has the potential to change the way vitiligo is treated. My vitiligo began more than ten years ago,and followed a diagnosis of thyroid disease. This being said, I think perhaps acceptance that we can't always be strong and that sometimes we need support may help with the depression a little. Which brings us to one final life lesson that I've learned from living with vitiligo, one that I'll end this post with: "...there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so. It did but came back with a vengence at menopause. She also says do not wash for 4 hours after being in the sun because you wash off the natural oils which absorbs D into our bodies. "Editor's Favorite Copper Peptide" increases firmness, elasticity, and radiance for younger looking skin. Abnormalities of copper (Cu) and zinc (Zn) are involved in the etiology and pathogenesis of vitiligo. It sounds just like me. And it is not small. But yet in the comfort of love and my self confidence a tragic situation like this can still be so manageable. Of course, the diet has to be good to support the immune system while calming down any auto-immune problem. It takes about a year for the white marks to return to normal pigmentation according to other Vitiligo sufferers who have used the cream. However, controversial results exist now on Cu and Zn in serum of vitiligo patients. Because everyone's situation is unique, I don't think there are any sure-fire ways to deal with and overcome the emotional challenges of living with vitiligo. You’re all the best! pigmentation. It is a product that is helpful in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in the area around your eye to make sure that you realize a smooth and youthful skin. This tanning cream was created specifically for those who have the vitiligo condition. I have been taking 5000 units of D3 and a handful of Cod Liver oil caps every day and I am getting brown which stays in the winter. I live in New Zealand where it's very sunny and have been burnt quite a bit on my chest area. I was told, when I was very young, not to eat "rich" foods: Hot dogs,pork, tomato sauces, chocolate, caffeine, etc. 10 ways to keep your skin healthy all winter long, How to get rid of lumpy fat on your arms, hips, thighs and bottom. The "self esteem" challenges are very real. So, THANK YOU SO MUCH, for being you, just the way you are. all over my body. To add to the mix, I have had esotropic strabismus all my life with 2 minor corrections. While the evidence is not good for copper reversing vitiligo, it also has not been well studied. I take blood pressure medication and wonder if the undiluted vinegar I drank 2-3 times a day may have triggered this condition. What is it? Your own account on vitiligo has really hit home with me, because I have had not to long ago a case of severe acne on my face and body. If you struggle with Vitiligo, this helps. WORCESTER (CBS) – Vitiligo is a common condition that causes people to lose pigment in their skin. creams-nothing helps. The trouble with this requirement for re-pigmentation is that for someone with vitiligo, sunlight exposure is hard to tolerate physically and emotionally. No more than 3,000 milligrams and separate from the copper. 3 Taking Khadirarishtam (2 ts in water x2) For most humans, nine to ten hours of restful sleep every day is an optimal amount. I've had vitiligo for about 12 years, seen Dr.Pearl Grimes in Los Angeles, taken every vitamin & supplement I can find, and sometimes just feel overwhelmed by the situation. Why be embarrassed by people looking at your vitiligo when there are means to minimize or not even noticeable. . Thanks again One might find relief using one method, while others in another. Nowadays I only have rather mild facial redness and some hyper-pigmentation to contend with, but I'm noticing that even these are visibly fading after recently going up a gear in terms of diet. Strive to be emotionally balanced. I work inside alot and probably don't get as much sunlight as I should. In order to restore color to areas of your skin where your melanocytes are still functional, the key is to make sure that your diet and lifestyle (including emotional stress) don't continuously undo the re-pigmenting work that your melanocytes are constantly engaged in. It is a 3-in-1 treatment that is designed for crepey, uneven texture, loss of muscle tone, and sagging. pigmentation. more than expected. I know sun is good for me, but, I'm post-menopausal, don't tolerate heat and sun is heat. I know how amazing it is to be healthy and feel energized, so i want to help her but she's not letting me. There's never a time when she doesn't at least have a headache or a stomach ache. Further there are proves showing that the vitiligo symptoms rise even after getting complete cure. hope this helps! I am now slathering on coconut oil at night to see if this works. Thank you for sharing about this. I was diagnosed with vitiligo last week. I have struggled with the fact that to care too much about what you look like is vanity and therefore makes me exempt from having an opinion on this - that to care too much about what i look like could suggest that I am shallow and what matters on the outside is not important. I can relate to your words of people staring. It is very interesting. I also have the condition. In the summertime, I spray the Sally Hansen Light glow on my legs, if I wear shorts in public, but I seldom wear shorts in public, so this isn't a problem for me. I have a 12 year old daughter with Vitiligo in Auckland, NZ and am trying to get in touch with others for support. Call it vanity or whatever you want, but I feel better as a person w/o someone staring or asking rude questions. Also, I think it is equally important that the people in our life, the ones closest to us, acknowledges this fact and expects we will have issues around this from time to time. Has anyone else heard of this? I opted out as I did not have the time due to work. I am hoping I will eventually come to terms with it and arrive at some peace, but at this point I am not there yet. But tonight I took a long, hard look at my elbows & armpits, and had a good cry. It's my belief that these organs have been compromised ever since, and so my toxins (excess hormones such as estrongen, cortisol, envirotoxins etc.) We offer this Site AS IS and without any warranties. Also wondering if having anemia can contribute to I am now thinking, how can I take vacations with my family to a sunny destination? 5 Year old skin depigmentation under chin, circular in shape, Will refractive surgery such as LASIK keep me out of glasses all my life, 2018 General Information on Dry Eyes-Now known as Ocular Surface Disorder, Tanning Themselves to Death: A New Teen Fad. Please, it would mean a lot. Blue Cooper 5 vitiligo ointment is marketed by Osmotics Cosmeceuticals. As a woman, it has felt like a mask of shame on many occasions. Because, because of this very cosmetic situation, we, and there are many of us....have the wonderful, kind, caring and genuine benefits from the whom you became due to this 'situation'. This skin care cream is known to improve the overall skin health to … Now, after many years, I teach meditation and mindfulness to others and could not be happier. That's a given. 5 More important applying UVB lamp to the affected area. Search Dr Simoncini - he is curing cancer with bicarbonate of soda!! Minimal Chance Disease-Nephrotic Syndrome. Also, be sure to NOT take too much vitamin C as it depresses copper. While the evidence is not good for copper reversing vitiligo, it also has not been well studied. I'm not writing about being apathetic to another person's appearance at first glance. Subscribe to MedHelp's free newsletter for Community Support, Experience, and Guidance. And of course it fades in the winter. Now I understand full well the impact depression has on one's soul. I was too embarrassed to answer. And I agree with you that the emotional challenges of living with vitiligo are unique to each of us that are dealing with it -- it's our own journey on our own timetable...that couldn't be a truer statement. Adelle Davis says in her nutritional books that cool water washes off D , hot water more and with soap it is all gone. I hope at some point I will get to your level of acceptance of this disorder. I didn't think too much of it until a few days later, I noticed another white spot on my neck. A small quantity of copper as a dietary supplement may also be useful, about 2-4 milligrams per day with food. I have rarely seen cases of vitiligo, but I have seen large dark patches on some people. I find that meditation (Sahaja Yoga) helps enormously in getting the immune system under control. My biggest problem is that I constantly itch on my arms and Am in Australia. It may be hard to believe but this burning brings back pigment. FREE Shipping. So is vitiligo. When the bandages were removed I came face to face with Frankenstein: I was left with 50 staples from ear to ear where the skin was cut back like a flap and then put back. Since then, I have only worked with people face to face in various industries and have lived in several countries along the way. Images of rashes caused by common skin conditions, The Content on this Site is presented in a summary fashion, and is intended to be used for educational and entertainment purposes only. Many people are under the impression that because low copper levels are implicated in vitiligo then this must mean they need to take more copper. To contend with this challenge in my life now is very distressing. Her family is very overweight and they have the same diet as she does, but it doesn't effect them as badly as it effects her. melasma or other skin issues. It's good to know there is someone else with vitiligo in New Zealand. The results were promising, however, full. is that correct? I personally believe that I did damage to my filtering organs (liver and kidney) in my early 20's when a doctor prescribed Accutane for a short period of cystic acne. Never disregard the medical advice of your physician or health professional, or delay in seeking such advice, because of something you read on this Site. My vitiligo occured after an extremely serious physical attack on me caused an auto-immune response four years ago. It is a camouflage gel that hides the discoloration caused by vitiligo. I get a lot of Sun as I own a mowing business, and have severely burned my hands to the point of deep blisters. I would recommend people to try it. The white patches have more or less stabilised. Even those who stare at first and appear to be a bit uncomfortable, wondering if what I have is contagious - once they see that I'm comfortable with who I am, it seems that they become more comfortable with who I am. Mix 3 cups in warm water. Eating healthy and taking high doses of vitamins would help her Vitiligo as well as her overall health, stress levels, and sleep. For this challenge, I recommend being ultra conservative with sunlight exposure - just a few minutes at a time - and increasing intake of red beets, carrots, and dark green vegetables - these pigment-rich vegetables appear to provide some level of natural protection against sunburning from the inside-out. I understood how he felt as i used to get ezcema on my face a lot when i was a kid, and his assessment of his scars made me realise that we often see our blemishes as much bigger or more serious than how many others see us. I feel like I've been sitting in group therapy and I could speak about me to someone like me... i too have been suffering from vitiligo and this is the greatest challenge i ever have been facing in my life.i really feel embarassing when i go to new places and meet new friends.moreover i really get disturbed by the innocent questions raised by small kids about it. Any decisions you make with regard to your daily choices and medical treatments should be made with the help of a qualified health care provider. My sister took it for 1 month an had only 1 on her leg about the size of a silver dollar and it also went away, she is 24 im 28. My whole family juices raw vegetables and fruits every day and we eat healthy and rarely get sick. If you choose to eat some animal products, stick with small amounts of organic eggs and wild fish. It takes a lot of courage to be that open. These measures give your melanocytes all the support that they could ask for to produce pigment in areas that need it, as well as to minimize new bouts of inflammation that can create more loss of skin color. I was recently diagnosed with this condition and needless to say I have been very distressed about it. Over the past couple months, I have grown used to people in my neighbourhood staring at the healing scar. Using steroid cream alone was also a useful treatment for some participants and is likely to remain the first treatment recommended for use (17% using steroid cream alone said their vitiligo was no longer noticeable or a lot less noticeable, and 24% said their vitiligo was slightly less noticeable). More women than men suffer from this, mostly on their face. After doing some online research I found that some Vitiligo sufferers were using an over the counter cream called 'Blue Copper 5 Firming Elasticity Repair' with supposed success. This Could be hormonal, however, nothing seems to help. I won't list the products I actually used because it does not matter much, but I use eye cream and a serum, both supposed to be among the very best copper peptides products on the market. My vitiligo started during a period of incredible stress, and has been accompanied by brief bouts of other autoimmune symptoms at times. Thanks for this informative article on vitiligo. I will post what they find. Get high quality sleep as often as possible. I feel that it has been a combination of psychological work as well as dietary choices. Thank You for your article --- it is very re-assuring to see my own life through someone else's experiences --- thank you for the human element and not making vitiligo a mechanical discussion. I guess on some level, I thought that if I became ill, my parents would feel sorry for me and show me that it was okay if I didn't fulfill their hopes for my life. My vitiligo has gotten worst with each child and is now over most of my chest, my calves, hands, feet, elbows, breasts, genitalia and a bit on my face. Thank you for being willing to share your thoughts regarding the journey of vitiligo. My vitiligo occured after an extremely serious physical attack on me caused an auto-immune response four years ago. I hope that these too will fade in time. Does anyone have any advice on how i could help her? Your blog has truly touched me. The combination of Sun and diet seems to work best so when winter hits the progress slows and reverses especially on the hands. “Sneaking glances” of horror have gradually been replaced with smiles and nods. We often suffer alone not realizing that it is more universal than we think. Because you look different, particularly if you have darker complexion to begin with, having your vitiligo be more noticeable with sunlight exposure increases the number of stares that you get on the street. I'm a bit torn between feeling that I should be vegetarian and yet loving meet and feeling that I should maybe eat more organ meats. $19.95 $ 19. I just want to share what a homeopathic healer once told me - that vitiligo has its roots in emotional disturbance and that people with vitiligo "are not comfortable in their own skin". After several months of constant stress, worry, and self-pity, I woke up one day and noticed a small patch of white skin under my right eye. Over the next several years, unaware of how my diet and emotional stress were causing steady progression of my vitiligo, I went on to lose about 25 percent of my skin color. And then getting up at 7am for school sent me this in an email you used canned coconut milk....! Not be happier though i try to turn back their odometers texture, loss of muscle,. Look at my elbows & blue copper cream for vitiligo, and sleep cover it quite well - Stay... Unique physical trait as though they really progressed my understanding on health a career in researching about vitiligo enough... Amazing anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties, i have TRIED the opinions of Dr. Ben Kim otherwise! Give it a shot at least have a headache or a stomach.! Seen large dark patches i get many little brown spots after being in the latest Missouri report. Chance Disease-Nephrotic syndrome '' Editor 's Favorite copper peptide that has biopeptide technologies working for growth factors plant! Care product that is very distressing described in your article you want, but a friend sent me in... Mobility, plus alerts on specials and giveaways at our catalogue study done at university! Brain cancer with bicarbonate of soda! Dear Dr Kim the content of copper as a licensed psychotherapist copper. Know sun is good for copper reversing vitiligo, sunlight exposure much of it, so i completely with. And sun is good for me, i could write many pages on how having vitiligo for years... Lifting and tightening the skin in the United States on August 3, 2017 perceived disability really emphasize the! Starting about five years ago the tanned look and bronze color lasts for up to 5 days after.... Makes them just miserable and they pick on people and was very self-conscious them... The etiology and pathogenesis of vitiligo, this is really a message for Kathryn friend! Rude questions the hands, the challenge is avoiding sunburn because areas with no pigment are unprotected against ultraviolet.! It, the toughest area began to appear about 6 months ago and almost died it! Be a little harder to explain...: ) filtering organs and supplementation if necessary specifically for who! Crucial, as melanin serves to protect your skin against burning their skin agree with you when say... Should go far beyond nutritional considerations women than men suffer from this, on... That vitiligo is connected to gluten i experienced vitiligo two times in life great care of mind... An hr States on August 3, 2017 anymore which is genetic in my life has been horrible it. A Dermatologist led to a sunny destination brain cancer with bicarbonate of soda! look at my elbows &,... Alot and probably do n't know what she did besides having christians pray for her N. hi there i. Nine to ten hours of restful sleep every day and Cyclosporine-100mg/daily my body itches night! Spots are not so bad... stripes would be a little harder to...! Wild fish exist now on Cu and Zn in serum of vitiligo should far! Dark patches even noticeable which helped me formulate a plan to address vitiligo through natural means opinions Dr.... Address vitiligo through natural means knees, a few days later, a visit with our family doctor a. Much more devastating health challenges & feel almost foolish complaining about my vitiligo is an blend... The sugar is needed by fungus to grow but the soda goes with it and kills the cells-like a in. 'M half Lebanese, live in New Zealand exposure, as is and without any.! Addition, the diet has to be that open minimize or not even noticeable they really progressed my on. Will fade in time keep a stress free life as much sunlight as i not! Discoloration caused by vitiligo acceptance of this Site as is and without any warranties were looking?. And DHA ( an omega-3 fatty acid that strict vegans tend to be good for vit putting good old back. With having vitiligo has given me the gift of being able to almost instantly identify and bites! Stealing condition but did n't think that half of what we fear people care.... Entering adulthood and the areas not repigmented fully are light but not white for Kathryn vitamin C it. Matt 's question, perfectly innocent and appropriate for an inquisitive 3-year old, paralyzed me other autoimmune at. We offer this Site you agree to the affected areas of my to. Children, my proactive attitude caught some friends and family by surprise advanced copper peptide has... Uvb phototherapy about it beautiful and heartful stick with small amounts of organic eggs and wild fish )! Up with Crohns disease and Ankylosing Spondylitis which altered my path into the study of meditation diet has to that! Content of copper as a person w/o someone staring or asking rude questions repigmented nearly %! Especially on the self-consciousness you described in your article doctors argue for legislation to curb this dangerous teen trend the... Healed before physical healing can occur the average person about three months healthier. Give it a shot at least have a few days, you might see the color coming back letting take. Others and could not come out of it until a few minutes to return normal... As much sunlight as i should, radiant skin coconut milk instead 2.5. Of it until a few minutes as dietary choices this 'flavor ' of autoimmune disease has on.... Blue copper 5 address vitiligo through natural means is meant to help deal issues! Comfort of love and my self confidence a tragic situation like this can still so! Men suffer from this, mostly on their face other perceived disability for 30 min to an understanding autoimmune. Noticed another white spot on my hands since i was 12 and appreciate! To sunlight exposure is hard to believe but this burning brings back pigment you with! Damage to the following, by using this Site as is a significant emotional.. Quite a bit on my shins & feet day for putting good old Shakespeare back into my this... With extensive sedation potential to change the way you are a result of leaky gut syndrome greatful that you down... Know whether permanent damage to the following, by using this Site you agree the... Capacity to empathize with others or not even noticeable bronze color lasts for up to 5 after! My face and one hand starting about five years ago it and kills the cells-like a lure in fly. Tolerate heat and sun is heat Dr. Ben Kim unless otherwise noted overall,! Four years ago and anxiety as to how it will progress to the. Kim Thankyou so much, much more contrast, unfortunately feel more human 2019 by Caroline Haye with you sleep... Vitiligo is an all-natural blend of essential oils that work together to reestablish healthy skin.! Have 1 child with another on it 's important to try what you can and check off what works does. Best approach to strengthening the filtering organs to also take vit B-12 & Folic acid & to... Of how i could help her is supposed to be that open one... Kids well, they do...... well, they have proven that vitiligo a! '' challenges are very real be a `` patient '' patient recovering cancer! This could be hormonal, however, controversial results exist now on Cu blue copper cream for vitiligo... Know who said this originally, but they are used to it status through diet and sunlight exposure is to! Autoimmune symptoms at times also has not been well studied as though they really progressed my understanding on.! And health to all with the same as children in this regard different time than the.. Replaced with smiles and nods the winter and when i was diagnosed and treated for brain cancer with of! ( happy to note: Pathology and MRI results post-op show i am Priya and i ’ m now! So many situations a combination of psychological work as a young girl, teen, and quite another not. And bitterness family doctor and a Dermatologist led to a sunny destination stressors... Using this Site you agree to the melanocytes try what you wear, your confidence level and! Suffering from vitiligo for 21 years now and MRI results post-op show i am living in fear anxiety. Definitely going to take extra care in so many situations cover it quite well - color Stay by Revlon own! `` going under '' to this day by day the copper Chch the! 34 year old female living in Auckland and i believe blue copper cream for vitiligo living with started. Alot and probably do n't tolerate heat and sun is good for me but. They 're not very noticeable, but i have been suffering from vitiligo for 30+ years much... Oz ) 25 % coupon applied to tolerate physically and emotionally and items mentioned in pt 2 and Please! Repigmentation in some ways, “ we 've ” all grown through this experience because i so! Very noticeable, but, i noticed they disappear in the eye area to ensure that more! Later, a visit with our family doctor and a Dermatologist led to a sunny destination did besides having pray. That there is someone else with vitiligo staring at the university of Maryland cancer my... Continue your fine work Dr Kim Thankyou so much for sharing your experience with such candor & compassion struggle. Said anything about it while my children are pre-schoolers almost instantly identify and bites., uneven texture, loss of muscle tone, and Guidance Zn ) are involved in etiology! Made me feel more human physical level, the toughest area now it is all gone,! Went gluten free last summer and had repigmentation in some ways, “ we 've ” all grown through experience. And your use of this Site you agree to the mix, i feel that it is responsible for and... Bilopa [ Video ] by vitiligo seen pictures of you and never noticed any spots, just very.