I humbly suggest you do the same.-Bobby We managed to get the biggest band in the world to perform in a backyard -- well, a front lawn, technically,! Crest– the highest point of a wave, the top of the wave. Indeed, he says the film is 'a perfect little gem of a romance movie'. Clucked– being scared of waves. There are four basic types of breaking waves : spilling, plunging, collapsing, and surging. « Reply #61 on: March 06, 2019, 11:57:59 AM » This is another one of those U2 songs that evokes different interpretations, stories within stories. The last one is tiny, so the biggest wave in the group is in the middle, and if there are 14 waves in a group, the seventh wave is the biggest. Crease– damage to the surfboard by the impact. Re: Every breaking wave ...meaning??? In the summer (of youth), the sea seemed fun, every breaking wave knew there'll be one more... in winter (having aged), the same ceaseless changing is like a fallen leaf, that winter wouldn't leave it alone.By then, Bono questions "Are we so helpless against the tide?" Spilling waves are gentle waves with crests that break softly towards the shore. Gnarly. At breach breaks the waves break over a sand bottom. Curl – the area of the wave where it is breaking. In fluid dynamics, a breaking wave or breaker is a wave whose amplitude reaches a critical level at which some process can suddenly start to occur that causes large amounts of wave energy to be transformed into turbulent kinetic energy.At this point, simple physical models that describe wave dynamics often become invalid, particularly those that assume linear behaviour. With Every Breaking Wave described as 'extraordinary' by U2 band member and guitarist, The Edge, McArdle’s work has also been praised by Academy Award-nominated filmmaker, Spike Jonze. The wave breaks, and it usually does so in water depth that is 1.3 times the wave height. I’m going to go listen to this song about 20 more times. "Every Breaking Wave" (2008) Demo Song Background Information “Every Breaking Wave” was a song originally worked on during the sessions to record No Line on the Horizon, and was eventually held back from that album for the album called Songs of Ascent.Eventually Songs of Innocence came next and “Every Breaking Wave” was the second single from that album. The Surprisingly Strange Physics of Water Surfing waves can generally be categorised into four main types of wave, each tending to suit a particular style of surfing and standard of surfer: beach breaks, reef breaks, point breaks, and rivermouth waves.. Surfing Wave Types: Beach breaks. The video for U2‘s new Songs of Innocence single, “Every Breaking Wave,” dramatizes the wave of violence that swept Northern Ireland in the Eighties. Baby, every dog on the street Knows that we're in love with defeat Are we ready to be swept off our feet And stop chasing every breaking wave Every sailor knows that the sea Is a friend made enemy And every shipwrecked soul knows what it is To live without intimacy I thought I heard the captain's voice But it's hard to listen while you preach Closeout – when a wave breaks suddenly and all at once. Clean wave – a smooth wave, with no bumps. This song, “Every Breaking Wave,” can be an adequate entry into some fruitful prayer and will, at the very least, force you to tap into the ache of your heart. The meaning of Every Breaking Wave uses the sea to describe a world of constant contradictions and changes.