The car became utterly unbeatable at the end of the 1984 WRC season and into early 1985 with a string of six straight stage-rally victories in the capable hands of Ari Vatanen and Timo Salonen. The cars were then shipped to the special factory at Poissy for final assembly. A note from the test driver was that the car seemed to lack aerodynamic downforce and seemed to fly in an unpredictable manner over jumps. The Peugeot 205 Turbo 16 is built based on the 2-door roadgoing version of the 205, for Peugeot's participation in Group B rally. Since the engine was to be turbocharged, a displacement of 1775 cc was chosen due to the Group B forced induction x1.4 multiplier. In March of 1984, when the time came for the 205 T16 to be homologated, Peugeot decided to line up every single one of the cars built on a massive expanse of tarmac so that the FISA/FIA inspectors could see for themselves that all the cars truly existed, that no cheating had taken place, and there had been no double-counting of cars to make up the numbers. // ,... [ > // -- > had arch-rival... Môå¾U sedieÅ¥ aj na mnohé iné modely Peugeot a Citroen 5,00 mm so that it can remain online free... B forced induction x1.4 multiplier mechanical components [ CDATA [ > // -- >