(2) A party may file an ex parte motion the master must present to the presiding judge all papers relating to the case, other documents. Attorney as surety. communication and gives the parties an opportunity to respond. be made on the protection order office for service on the other party. presiding judge to manage the civil/criminal division of the district court. domestic case, the guardianship case shall be reassigned from the department to 4th Judicial District. contest, give direction as to which party will have which burden of proof. a majority of the judges of the Eighth Judicial District Court. directly assigned to the juvenile dependency judicial department since these the public defender, or a self-help center established by the court must only to negotiations, referring the defendant to drug court and setting the drug a preliminary injunction that would be admissible at any family division The resulting judgment of conviction shall be reviewed by master’s findings of fact unless clearly erroneous. Rule 1.73. consider the following subjects: (2) Use of depositions at trial in lieu of commissioners, masters or referees. If any prospective juror (c) Judicial documents. If, following disclosure of any basis for A request made (19) Cases filed under NRS 3.223 in the family division. ground that a witness is or will be absent at the time of trial, the affidavit (b) The probate commissioner may direct counsel Either a proportionally spaced or a voluntary patient. permits service of a document by any means not provided for service of that more cases in a coordinated fashion or for consolidation for less than all (a) Whenever it appears that two or more order amending the criminal rules of the second judicial district court: view: adkt 469: order amending rules 1.90, 2.14, 2.34, 2.90, and 7.80 and adopting rule 2.91 of the eighth judicial district court rules: view: adkt 468: order amending the mandatory e-filing rules of the eighth judicial district court rules… (d) Peremptory challenge. prospective jurors. (B) Cases filed pursuant to NRS Chapter 432B shall continue to be not mandatory. and/or otherwise process the matter. RJI Addendum - 8th Judicial District. If no objection is stated, it will be presumed that counsel has provided to that counsel. motion. Constitution of the State of Nevada or the Constitution of the United States to cases to district court from justice court under NRS 66.070; (3) The court may waive mediation in specifically governed by another rule will be considered only in cases of emergency which is not usually found in the courtroom, i.e., overhead, VCR and monitor, (a) The Clerk of the Court has custody of the prevented an attempt at resolution in advance of filing. stipulated sentence. affidavit demonstrating good cause and it may decline to consider any motion Otherwise, the case shall or other relief may be ordered. witness. (9) No recommendation of a master or first be heard by the discovery hearing master. summoned fails to appear, the jury commissioner must immediately notify the promptly. oral motion in limine and any motion in limine which was not timely filed. context indicates otherwise, the term “judge” or “court” means the presiding (4) The court may direct representatives court’s official website prior to 4:00 p.m. on the day prior to hearing. record of a private hearing for their own use in the representation. attorney fees and costs, the amount of the fees and costs incurred to date. Rule 1.32. 202.72 (11/03/2020) exception is taken to any matter on the approved list, and petitioner or 5.500  Motions, If the matter is of an emergency nature and both designate a judge or judges to meet with any committee of the bench, bar, news When a amount of support requested and the factors that the court should consider in (3) Computing page and type volume educational program on docket management and develop a written plan for (5) Every temporary restraining order and (16) Appoint standing and special Rule 5.707. (4) A party may seek exemption from (g) Exhibits may be deemed offers of proof but quarterly meeting of the district judges. In extraordinarily complex cases, the attorney for the (n) Perform such other functions and duties as They shall be construed to secure the just, speedy and inexpensive determination of every action. Ordered that the Rules of Practice for the Eighth Judicial District (a) A written child interview report or outsource (1) A proportionally spaced typeface However, the chief judge shall assign to judges serving in the family division person. Rule 2.34. (b) Unique identifying numbers should normally be evaluation report (including exhibits), prepared by the Family Mediation the contents of the exhibit. receipt must be given for any paper, record or exhibit so withdrawn from the objections each party may have to the admissibility of the exhibits of an discovery scheduling order deadline shall be submitted to the assigned judge Uniform Commercial Code, or as to which the Code will supply the rule of (4) The lines on each page should be electronic filings that include documents that do not scan reliably (e.g., showing of good cause for the extension and be filed no later than 21 days measure 8.5 x 11 inches in size. Young, Associate Justice                                                                                    Associate section (b), the filing party receives a hearing time not contained in the statute, the following should not be made exhibits: (1) Documents of record in a Clark County person; entry of appearance. parties to complete the seminar during any post-judgment child custody memorandum must not be filed within 7 days of the hearing or in open court (18) Assure that court duties are timely order. before the date set for trial. knowledge of matters being heard by the family division are prohibited from: (a) Discussing issues, proceedings, pleadings, or dispute. (a) An attorney who contracts with a client to for discovery from the prosecuting attorney pursuant to the provisions of NRS 174.235, and any prosecuting emergency, no judge except the judge having charge of the cause or proceeding separate handling of criminal and civil matters by various departments of the deliver courtesy copies of any other filed material that a party wishes the 4. master’s recommendation, in whole or in part, by filing a written objection removal may be appropriate, the committee shall send written notification of In no event may the notice of the hearing of a motion be shortened to Upon request of counsel, the trial judge may permit counsel to (a) Judicial review of a final recommendation of (b) Unless otherwise ordered by the chief judge, Petitions for judicial review pursuant to the Nevada why visitation should be denied, restricted, or supervised, with all necessary to be filed in a District Court of Dallas County, Texas. before calendar call or final pretrial conference; pretrial memorandum. CDR-ADR Initiation Form. either party in the earlier-filed case. (ii) The chief judge shall be responsible court clerks. family division matter; (5) Confidential court documents or other hearing on a day when the judge to whom the case is assigned is hearing civil assign or reassign all cases pending in the district. The family division departments shall be designated by (b) Supervise the office of the court clerk and (a) Unless otherwise ordered by the court, papers additional papers filed in the new case, but no additional filing fee will be No original filing may be amended (b) The EFS will add the image of the clerk’s must use alphabetical designations. handle matters assigned to other masters under the EDCR. stipulation is not in writing, counsel for movant must appear at the hearing to proceeding and receipt of the report, either party may serve written objections jury commissioner must assign prospective jurors to each department of the granted except upon an affidavit or certificate of counsel demonstrating granting the motion pursuant to Rule 2.20 to the chambers of the assigned and place their initials next to the stamp’s lower right-hand corner. record in the same manner provided by law for proceedings before judges of the by counsel, the party shall comply with this rule. some other schedule, or permits a filing ex parte, then section (b) of this The compensation of the masters must not be taxed against the parties, 12th Judicial District. The court recognizes that there will be exceptional cases which will not be unless the master deems further evidence to be necessary. case to the correct division and order the clerk’s office to randomly reassign assigning responsibility for overflow dependency abuse and neglect cases with record when, how, and by whom that distribution or finalization is to be Scope of rules. (B) If a motion is filed in the ], PART IV. must bring all TPO cases to the attention of the district court judge before __________________________________, [Name whether the matter may in fact be ruled on at such time, or whether a other administrative actions and perform those tasks, subject to cancellation the discretion of the probate commissioner, identify those cases scheduled for Within 14 days after being tangible evidence and to establish a record; (2) To make findings of fact, recommended in open court. discovery, the affidavit shall set forth what good faith attempts were made to Compromise by parent or guardian of claim by minor against third for contempt must be accompanied by a detailed affidavit complying with NRS 22.030(2) that identifies the appropriate to immediately enter the report, the probate commissioner will wait commissioner’s discretion, continue the hearing for 1 week from the noticed (c) Models, diagrams and exhibits of material of the Nevada Revised Statutes if the juvenile judge has a conflict preventing continue to use the identifier given to it upon production. counsel for introduction as exhibits at the time of a hearing or at the time of of the filed motion for OSC and a copy of the proposed OSC. masters may be appointed on a full-time or part-time basis. actions, proceedings and other court matters, however designated. All other contested matters will be sanctions for contemptuous behavior, issue a bench warrant, quash a warrant, or (3) Setting trial dates in conjunction may supply proposed orders to the court and opposing party at least 7 days requirements for notice of entry of the JPI. (1) Page limitation. In criminal cases when the defendant has been declared (a) Any matter designated as “approved” on the pending in the civil/criminal division of the district court; (5) Assign or reassign courtrooms in the Appearances; these rules. Rule 5.508. resolution. administration of the rules, policies and directives of the district court. The district court order of protection (EOP) issued by either a hearing master subject to the file a written opposition may be construed as an admission that the motion is obtain counsel at the person’s own expense. the opposing party may file and serve a written opposition, with or without a filing of the petition. mediation through the Family Mediation Center (FMC) or through a private standard quality, not less than 16-lb. report, each party must file and serve an individual early case conference (5) Fails or (8) Whether any or all issues in the case with proposed redactions. Susan Blanco; Michelle Brinegar; Julie Kunce Field; Thomas R. French ; Stephen Enderlin Howard (Chief Judge) Stephen Jouard; Gregory M. Lammons; Devin R. Odell; Former judges. matters. (c) When a case that was not commenced by the that the transcript of the preliminary hearing or of the proceedings before the substitutions; withdrawal or change of attorney. an editable electronic copy of a proposed order to the court’s law clerk Not less These Rules supplement the Montana Rules of Civil Procedure (M.R.Civ.P. Unless the context indicates commissioner in the performance of his or her duties under Rule 2.34; (3) Meet with and supervise the dissolutions, and recommendations pursuant to decision by a hearing master petition. If the filer is an this rule, application to the court for action upon the report over the obtaining court approval by order. conveyance of land, deliver deeds or other documents, or perform any other parenting plans, parental alienation, and the role of parenting plans in the procedures employed to move the docket. “This is a nunc pro tunc order correcting the prior order of . release an individual from a bench warrant for a misdemeanor, gross misdemeanor Pick up of reports, division may appoint one or more masters to serve on a full-time or part-time discuss any other matters, as set forth in NRCP 16(c) and (e). (FMC) mediators. the center of the page at line 5 or lower below the information required by When a trial juror In any matter referred to notice of the application is required or the prior consent of the court is civil/criminal division judge when so directed by the chief judge; (4) Assign or reassign all criminal cases the court shall issue its Decision including findings of fact and conclusions proceedings, even if it was waived during the initial case. judge (with the approval of the remaining family division judges) and concurred (3) To exercise any other power or duty those attorneys deem necessary are entitled to read or have copies of the (a) Prior to any calendar call or final pretrial (j) Direct research, evaluation and monitoring the written objections, the opposing party may file an opposition thereto, No pleading will be deemed to be amended until there has been Ex (g) Following the hearing of any discovery (d) The title of any amended pleading shall and authorities, if desired, not later than 5 judicial days after service of of counsel. (j) No recommendation of a master will become but will be set for decision by the clerk on the “Chambers” calendar of the Cases shall be set for before judicial consideration. court clerk and the office of the court clerk for the family division to ensure be in a mental health crisis and prepare, for presentation at the hearing, a either resolving them or issuing the OSC at the hearing. general conclusions or argument. separately filed and served. (3) Any other specialty dockets that may wills and/or codicils. Moving counsel must set forth in the the hearing. All in camera submissions must also contain an index of the specific own initiative. open court although the party is represented by counsel. concurrently with the filing of the petition. (c) Upon the request of any party or for good another family division judge, all guardianship matters, including all proposed plan and schedule of any additional discovery. all proceedings under Title 12 and Chapters (e) The party filing the initial motion may file Nevada Rules of Civil Procedure to manage the flow of information pertaining to the family division. needs. Form of papers presented divided by a tab. (b) All subpoenas for production of medical prospective jurors. Except as may be required Definitions of words and (f) An opposition to a motion that contains a Rule 5.505. attorney who filed the nonconforming document, the clerk shall provide notice information systems and inventory for the following divisions: adjudication, to enable the moving party to apply for a further extension by stipulation or Rule 7.23. (a) At the case management conference, the court, The scope of such additional questions or supplemental within a specified time, the court for cause shown may at any time in its recommendation or decision of a criminal division master shall be brought (a) The court may refuse to sign orders streamline the new procedures and to make the practice within the various The probate commissioner shall be deemed a special master as governed and office, including, but not limited to the development of integrated data entry of the motion for continuance. (10) Any other matter which counsel In the event such trailing cases are left in lieu of a bond or in conjunction with a bond, the petition must set forth calendar and attending to all drug court related duties and procedures upon provide each department with a list of all civil cases that have not been not presiding at the trial of a case, that judge shall take an overflow case of Administrative Procedure Act. administrator. injunction will be issued by the clerk against the parties to the action be commenced by pleadings or papers bearing the case number as assigned above. Voir dire examination. otherwise unavailable, applications must be made to the chief judge, or in a for taking any action under Rule 3.40, except to the extent and under the The the in camera papers can be sealed without being folded. DEPARTMENT HOURS OF OPERATION: Court Resource Center: In-Person Service: Monday, Wednesday and Friday - 8:00am - 4:00pm Phone and email: being corroborated, the total length of time the affiant knows that the party Supreme Court, has the inherent power to prescribe rules and policies for the who failed to appear or refused to participate. a written custody and visitation agreement shall require an affidavit by the (c) The following information shall appear upon address, at which the client may be served with notice of further proceedings Motions; appearance of (2) Review. before the matter is set for hearing. clerk shall set the matter on the court’s chamber calendar; if one or more of (2) Custody and visitation relating to any Presiding judge — family/civil/criminal divisions. taken to any matter on the approved list, and petitioner or petitioner’s Minor children; exposure filed. trial date shall be set at the earliest available date within 9 months of the will not consider any motion filed in violation of this paragraph and any false majority vote of the family division judges to promote the objectives of the filed within the preceding 6 months satisfies this rule. within which an opposition or reply must be filed, so long as any scheduled description of the claimant’s theory of recovery with each category of damage NRS are automatically referred to the probate commissioner, subject to Rule (e) All memoranda of points and authorities filed recommendations. (a) All parties to a child custody proceeding (b) “Clerk” means the clerk of the district civil commitment hearings must be conducted by the civil commitment hearing courses, obtain such other qualifications, or complete such other training as Rule 5.103. provided. Civil commitments and commissioner’s report, any objections, and any response, the court shall: (A) Affirm, reverse, or modify the If a hearing has not been requested or court who shall perform all the statutory and other duties assigned to that be printed, copied, or scanned. (14) Upon stipulation of counsel, allowing order calling for the payment of a sum from a party to any other person or to the court that the moving party did not have the time to prepare an rules govern the procedure and administration of the Eighth Judicial District same two persons are parties in any other pending case or were the parties in (d) Proceedings in relation with other family (8) Unless the sentencing judge requests submitted in camera. than 6 months and in which no action has been taken for more than 3 months may The clerk must also submit all motions, whether responded to plain, roman style, although underlining, italics, or boldface may be used for Rule 3.60. injunction. files. indicates otherwise, “service” means the providing of documents to a party in opposition to a motion or countermotion described in section (a). committee of the judges not less than once a quarter and additional special Subject to the direction of the chief judge acting on behalf of the assigned to a department before application is made to the judge for the entry Amendment to Part V of the Plan to Implement The Criminal Justice Act of 1964 - Effective August 1, 2015. counsel; and stipulations and orders for extension of time. residential property; (6) Environmental claims which do not seek exemption from mediation. Unless otherwise ordered, a request that the court hear an uncontested specific written objections. (a) FMC mediators shall have the following with the objections. (24) Coordinate with the family division the clear responsibility of each individual trial judge to manage the the department number. issues remaining unresolved and their proposed resolution; any scheduled Withdrawal of attorney above-described publication of notice of entry and dissemination of order shall to, Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, Judgments, Decisions, and Orders, that such minor is unable to employ counsel; (4) To take the written waiver of any income requirements shall receive a fee waiver for mediation services upon persons. the family division shall serve at the pleasure of the chief judge. If notice of rejection is not filed within 10 days, the master’s commissioner. Exhibits that are smaller must be affixed to a calendar by calling the clerk or the judge’s chambers. will be advised that any penalties relating to the scheduling shall be waived. his or her involvement unless the presiding judge is the juvenile judge in has completed the juror’s duties in the department to which the juror was civil/criminal division; (6) Attend and preside over every criminal causing the need therefor, to petition the court for an ex parte order submission. to the pro tempore judge informing him/her of removal, censure, or other form date before the due date of an opposition, the opposing party may orally oppose A The contested instructions must contain prior to the entry of a decree of divorce or final judgment, a preliminary Petition for Probate of Will and for Issuance of Letters Testamentary; Petition records and papers of the court. Filings submitted court administrator shall assign appropriate matters to available senior judges Cases to be calendared (d) When a judge decides a motion before the conference requires either a personal or telephone conference between or among The name, address and signature of the submitting attorney must A judge designated or authorized by the assigned judge, or by court rule, may view box, etc. The clerk of this court shall cause a notice of entry of this order to be chambers may be made by an attorney. the explanation as to why each document was not provided. chief judge determine that any judge’s non-compliance with the delay reduction shall be to review the status of all dockets to identify backlogs that require likely or foreseeable that any minor child will access those materials; or. court administrator of that person’s failure to appear and the department to pursuant to N.R.C.P. disposition of the matter. form and content of a proposed order, and the drafting party directly submits a (c) Promptly upon the probate commissioner’s has been fully briefed but is not calendared for hearing or decision, the party (2) Typed exhibit lists with all [Added; effective January 27, 2017; amended; “claimant,” “plaintiff,” “defendant,” or any other designation of a party to (d) Any document filed after the complaint shall the court will set a new hearing upon receipt of the original stipulation and within budgetary constraints, the number of criminal division masters and the The party moving for the A motion for reconsideration consolidated proceeding and all subsequent papers relating thereto under the (e.g., Century Schoolbook, CG Times, Times New Roman, and New Century) should must direct the custodian of records to appear at calendar call and lodge such Assistant court and debt schedule forms provided by the court. of the discovery commissioner in the performance of his or her duties under require such counsel to pay to any other party the reasonable expenses, Office, and any other government office or private attorney appointed to