I've got a 2004 Honda Accord Euro, My air conditioner compressor has giving up and from what I've been told, the compressor clutch has came apart. The vehicle was taken to an independent mechanic who diagnosed that the frame needed to be replaced and that the failure was a common issue with Ford vehicles. after taking possession of my new car, I noticed a clunking noise when backing out of my driveway and pulling onto the street. Honda recognized / admitted to this similar design flaw only after they were forced to do so. The contact stated that the sub frame was rusted. , tolland, CT 06084. In checking further, the air condition drain hose/outlet drips directly on the front passenger side sub frame and is the source of the rusting condition that only exists on that side. The mechanic stated that the subframe was rusted and fractured. Pebble damage to air conditioner condenser causing lose of refrigerant. . The salesperson agreed that there shouldn't be scratches, and said those would probably come out, and offered me a courtesy "buffing. " Attached to this compressor of your Honda Accord, a pulley allows for it to rotate. Consumer states air condition blows out hot air the consumer was informed by the dealer, a rock must have kicked up from the road and penetrated the condenser for the air conditioner. The contact stated that there was moisture dripping from the air conditioner causing the passenger's side sub frame to rust. I conclude that normal wear and tear and weather elements could not be solely responsible for such rusting on one side of the vehicle - that rust damage would be on both sides. I suppose the active noise cancellation system working not properly. Honda should provide a retrofit. Upon inspection, discovered the sub-frame on the passenger side was completely rusted through. all problems of the 2013 Honda Accord . . A loud, clunking sound began when I would go over uneven road or bumps in the road. Upon being handed the keys to my brand new 2014 Honda Accord I noticed a lot of scratches near the doors. I also noticed some tape on both sides of the front bumper that hadn't been removed. 2004-08 model year Honda CL9 Accord Euro: Takata airbag recall #3 In May 2015, a recall was issued for 2004 to 2008 ‘model year’ Honda CL9 Accord Euro vehicles and this recall was updated with new information in September 2017. Wipers that no longer work on my Honda Accord. Remember that in the case of air conditioning, you deal with compressed gas that is dangerous if you are not careful. Another delicate point, still on the theme of pressure, if by chance a too great pressure was felt in the circuit, a sensor will then be turned on in order to stop the operation for safety. I have a Honda accord euro and the year of manufacturing is 2004 as per the documents but it is manufactured on December 2003 as written on the car, the car rear strut is bent. Driving down the road and heard a loud clunk coming from the front end of the car. After I returned home from a sweltering 45 mile commute, I immediately notified the local dealership and scheduled an appointment on sat, 8/23. The manufacturer was not notified. Honda Accord Euro is an absolute fun to drive sport car , my luxury model with almost 130,000 km shows no signs of engine or transmission problems in comparison with c class , BMW 325 or Audi A4 German technology cars ! The driver side is blowing hot air. Took car into the dealer but they didn't do anything to resolve it. The contact owns a 2001 Honda Accord. If I manually change the direction of the air only to the face, then the air is blowing warm. Next let’s look at some of the difficulties you may face on your Honda Accord. From what I read on the internet there is a design flow that Honda has know about for the past 10 years. Your A/C may not be in the best shape to perform. When I turn the NOB to start the airflow, nothing happens. Initially, I thought it might have been other vehicles in close proximity, but now believe it might be my vehicle.