To get the wholesale value on an RV, you basically have 2 options: You could use an online appraisal service which will provide you with the information you need. The pride of North America and the second-largest country in the world in terms of land mass, Canada is growing in popularity as a motorhome, RV or campervan rental holiday option. As a general rule, you may overtake another vehicle when the centre line is broken or dashed. If you see a green circle with a black ‘P’, you are allowed to park, however, if there’s a red circle with a black ‘P’ and a diagonal bar, parking is not permitted. You can also order three RV History Reports for about $50, including the same 30 days of access. RV one way rental to Toronto or Quebec city available and campervan unlimited mileage optional. Get the best motorhome rental deals delivered to your inbox so you can spend more time planning your epic adventrue! The word ‘MAXIMUM’ is clearly printed at the top of the sign, followed by the number (in kilometres per hour). {{loanYearsTerm}} Years, Payment Frequency: Pay attention to these signs as you drive so you don’t take a wrong turn or miss out on your exit! If travelling in winter, plan ahead and be extra careful. However, if a large animal comes into the path of your vehicle, do your best to swerve and avoid collision (providing you can do so safely without colliding into other cars or objects). Once you get away from the cities, be careful of wild animals - keep your eyes peeled as it’s not uncommon for moose, bears or deer to come onto the roads. In quieter areas, you might only find a bathroom or a picnic table. {{usdFormat(0)}}, What You Pay: Most prohibitive signs feature the colour red. Ranging from back-to-nature basics, full facility campgrounds, serene camping sites, or RV parks with full resort facilities and amenities, we have listing of campgrounds right across Canada. Toll ‘road’ is a broad term – many are actually bridges. RV Rentals; Buy an Ex-Rental; International Rentals; Custom RV Rental Solutions; Why Rent from RV Canada; FAQ; RV Financing; Parts & Service. Our support teams speak many languages. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and strive to make sure each and every one of our customers gets the exact part they are looking for in a timely manner and at a great price. This helpful guide to driving RV rentals in Canada will provide you with some handy tips and information about the Canadian road rules, so you can get behind the wheel with confidence. One thought to keep in mind when buying an RV in the United States rather than Canada is that the United States currently has a stronger currency than Canada. V9B5R8 Tel: 1-866-530-6527 Out of the big cities, parking should be a breeze, but you’ll want to plan ahead if you’re visiting any of the major urban centres. Motorhome Republic is part of The Webjet Group. 2015 Palomi… Bi-Weekly, Down Payment: This ‘highway’ covers 8,000 kilometres in total and includes most major cross-country routes. {{usdFormat(originalVehiclePrice)}}, Interest Rate: Authentik Canada is an RV hire specialist in Canada. If there is a double yellow solid line, overtaking is prohibited in either direction. RV Parts Online Canada is a company with a passion for the outdoors, especially when it has anything to do with the RV & camping lifestyle. Check prices by MAKE, MODEL, and YEAR. Class A RVs that are new with low mileage should cost ± $400 p.n. MSRP:  International Drivers Permits are obtained from your home country before you leave. 1 - 10 of 383 units Per Page. You should definitely think about buying Canadian for your next (or first) RV. Please be aware that in some regions, vehicles are allowed to pass on the right (otherwise known as ‘undertaking’). Driving while under the influence of alcohol is illegal in Canada. You may not park in any section of the road which is marked a ‘snow route’. There are two main exceptions to the yellow and black colours: black and orange signs, which indicate temporary road conditions (such as construction zones or roadworks) and bright yellow and green signs, which indicate school zones (warning drivers that children may be around). {{interestRate}}%, Loan Term: A Guide to Driving an RV rental in Canada. For example, STOP/ARRET signs are red hexagons with the words in white lettering, while YIELD signs are triangle-shaped with red borders. 2021 prices are on-line and road trip specialist are available to help you. Just rent your RVs with us and get travelling across Canada. When on the road, be sure to drive to the conditions, slowing down where necessary and taking extra care when braking or turning corners. or overtaking another vehicle in your RV rental in Canada, keep to the left. Search for RVs such as Airstream, Fleetwood, Forest River, Gulf Stream, Keystone, Winnebago, and more. Compare campervan and motorhome cheap hire prices in downtown or airport of Montreal. The hardest part about planning a motorhome holiday in Canada is picking where to go first! Some toll roads feature payment booths and some operate electronically (your number plate is registered and the bill will be sent at a later date). These provide essential information about upcoming conditions, hazards, limits and more. Dutchmen Astoria 2513RLF Fifth-Wheel: $50,682 4. Service: 613-489-3220  |, Sales: 2098 Prince of Wales Dr, Nepean ON K2E 7A5 |  As visibility is often low, keep your lights on at all times – even during sunlight hours. A valid driver age is between 18 and 80 years. We'll show you the average, lowest and highest prices found in the results. Popular Canadian provinces for campervan rentals include: This helpful guide to driving RV rentals in Canada will provide you with some handy tips and information about the Canadian road rules, so you can get behind the wheel with confidence. To be safe, we recommend making all calls while you are safely parked and the vehicle is not running, or – if you’re travelling with passengers – letting them take care of all mobile communications. The speed limit is 100km/h on motorways and generally 50km/h in urban areas, unless instructed otherwise. Well Austin and RV Canada gave me the liquidation price, added in a very wise option with the Platinum Package (they service and Safety check the trailer) and we were sold. Authentik Canada is an RV rental specialist in Montreal. Before we launch into details, here are the most important things to keep in mind: If you are planning to rent a campervan, motorhome or RV in Canada, plan ahead! Please click View Payment Calculator below for payment estimates. View our new RVs inventory. Best price guarantee. It's a quick way to find out the range of listed prices for your search. If you require the police in a non-emergency situation (for example, minor traffic incidents), then you are advised to phone the nearest police station. However, the snow-sports on offer more than make up for it. This means that for every U.S. dollar you’ll need $1.32 in Canadian dollars. Check prices for your favorite vehicles. From jotting down emergency numbers to carrying extra gas, here are some tips for staying safe on Canada’s roads. To give some very generalized pricing: Class A RVs that are several years old and have some mileage on them should cost ± $200 per night (p.n.) Now that you have a better idea of the Canadian road rules, you can concentrate on the fun part: planning where to go and what to see! Bordering the United States, there are eight forest regions, mountains, glaciers, lakes and a somewhat chilly temperature drop during winter. A single detailed report with 30 days of access costs just under $25. 293 RVs In-Stock ... Used RVs; RV Rentals. You're searching for ' {{ item.query }} '. You must also give way to all police cars and emergency vehicles if they are operating their sirens or flashing their lights. Price … You will likely have to pay for parking when you’re in major cities. Most warning signs are black and yellow and diamond-shaped. And our customer service team can answer any questions you may have. Check prices by MAKE, MODEL, AND YEAR. Couldn't get financed, no big deal, we knew we'd be paying cash in full anyways, (financing is a great option if you have great credit) and we walked away empty handed until we could get our cash available. Filter by: None New Used Special Clearance. TIP: RV finance terms are generally 5 years… Depending on features and the season prices may vary, and you may need to rent a pickup truck. You won’t regret it! Your blood alcohol limit must not exceed 80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood. Passengers under the age of 16 are also required to wear seatbelts – it is usually the responsibility of the driver to enforce this rule, but exact laws differ slightly across the country while on your Canada RV rental roadtrip. As it’s extremely difficult to estimate how many alcoholic drinks will exceed this limit, we strongly advise against consuming any alcohol before you get behind the wheel. RV Loan Calculator If you’re like most RVers, you’ll probably be financing at least part of your purchase. At Canada RV Rentals, we provide memorable and affordable nation-wide rentals, including one-way rentals, long-term discounts, & convenient online booking. Our Store; Careers; Inventory. By signing up you agree to Motorhome Republic’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Agreement. ARRKANN RV SOUTH EDMONTON 1904 80 Avenue, Edmonton, AB T6P 1N2 Telephone: (780) 440-4811 Fax: (780) 440-2019 GET DIRECTIONS ARRKANN RV NORTH EDMONTON 13105 St. Albert Trail, Edmonton, AB T5L 4H5 The quality of the service centres and rest stops depend on where you’re travelling. Home to diverse natural landscapes, stunning ski slopes and vibrant international cities, this beautiful country offers something for everyone. It’s almost impossible to memorise every single rule about driving in a foreign country, so thank goodness for road signs! Learning the give way rules is one of the most important parts of driving in a new country. RV SUPERSTORE CANADA 894 Van Isle Way Victoria B.C. RV Length To - Max - 1 ft 2 ft 3 ft 4 ft 5 ft 6 ft 7 ft 8 ft 9 ft 10 ft 11 ft 12 ft 13 ft 14 ft 15 ft 16 ft 17 ft 18 ft 19 ft 20 ft 21 ft 22 ft 23 ft 24 ft 25 ft 26 ft 27 ft 28 ft 29 ft 30 ft 31 ft 32 ft 33 ft 34 ft 35 ft 36 ft 37 ft 38 ft 39 ft 40 ft 41 ft 42 ft 43 ft 44 ft 45 ft 46 ft 47 ft 48 ft 49 ft 50 ft There are heavy penalties for driving under the influence of alcohol or a drug, including the suspension of your licence, hefty fines and a DUI or DWI charge. It’s imperative to stick to the speed limit at all times. Select options with your campervan hire like unlimited mileage (km), one-way rental, 0$ deductible, no-fee cancellation and free GPS. Always have plenty of water and supplies and make sure the fuel gauge is topped up. An RV has the potential to cost you tens of thousands of dollars before you even sign on the dotted line. While we do our best to ensure the information is error-free, we do not warrant its accuracy or adequacy for any intended purpose. +Tax, Licensing & Fees The highest speed limit in Canada is 120kph, which is the limit for the expressways in British Columbia. For example, ‘left turn only’ signs are a green circle with a left-pointing arrow in the middle. 1. In most cases, these intersections are fairly straight-forward, but if there’s ever any confusion drivers use hand gestures or flash their lights to come to an agreement. RV SUPERSTORE CANADA 894 Van Isle Way Victoria B.C. Unlike fellow commonwealth countries, such as the UK or New Zealand, in Canada you drive on the right and the roads have an excellent reputation in terms of quality. Circular red signs which feature red bars across a black symbol demonstrate that the pictured symbol is not allowed, such as parking or turning right. Bigfoot RV (British Columbia): Based in Armstrong, BC, this company makes truck campers and travel trailers. If there is a dashed line and a solid line present, passing is allowed on the side of the dashed line. Some provinces and territories also feature shapes on their traffic lights to assist drivers who are colour blind. This list takes a look at 9 must-see RVs from some of the top manufacturers, all available in Canada. Thi… It is easy to save some money by using free camping sites. With multiple floor plans and customization options like solar power and external showers, these lightweight, towable RVs are perfect for year-round camping. Looking for a budget campervan hire in Canada? In some areas, such as on highways 400 and 401 in Ontario, the facilities are very modern and feature 24/7 bathrooms, fast food, gas pumps and more. Find RVs for sale at Canada's largest RV classifieds site for new and used RVs. Forest River Inc. Berkshire XLT Diesel 45A Class A Motorhome: $280,041+ 2. 2021 Keystone RV 2021 Winnebago 2021 Jayco 2021 Forest River-California/Oregon 2009 Coachmen 2003 Casita 2021 Coachmen by Forest River 2021 Grand Design Recreational Vehicles 2018 Keystone RV 2021 Thor Motor Coach One-way roads feature a yellow line on the left shoulder and a white line on the right. Canada’s National Highway System is made up of highways and freeways. Other useful numbers you might want to jot down include: Mental Health Crisis Line: 1-800-667-8407. Canada has toll roads in the following states/territories: British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Ontario and Quebec. In Canada, there are several circumstances in which you are always required to give way. You may also come across traffic lights with flashing green lights. On average, campgrounds in Canada will charge $40-$50,- a night for a full RV hook-up. It’s recommended that travelers pack a ‘survival kit’ in the event you break down or become stranded somewhere while you wait for assistance. {{vehicle.price | moneyFormat(lang)}} +tax & lic, {{vehicle.price | moneyFormat(lang)}} +tax & lic General Disclaimer Filter by: None New Used Special Clearance. One of the largest motorhome rental agencies on earth, Customer ratings for Fraserway RV Rentals, Customer ratings for Four Seasons RV Rental Canada, Customer ratings for Happy Holidays Motorhomes, Fraserway RV Rentals: 2021 Early Bird Full Inclusive Unlimited KMS Special, 2021 Early Bird Full Inclusive Unlimited KMS Special, Four Seasons RV Rental Canada: General Spring Special, Four Seasons RV Rental Canada: Season 5 Fall Special, Long Hire Discount - Big Savings on hires 30+ days. Although RV Resorts offer comfort and company, ‘going wild’ is another great experience during your travel in Canada. Check out our "Discount Departments" for; Rv exterior accessories, rv accessories, rv water tank Canada, rv plumbing parts, rv awning, rv lights rv parts and accessories, camping trailer accessories, rv camper parts, RV Catalog sections. Signs which provide navigational information about upcoming towns, exits and nearby landmarks are green and white. Whether or not you are allowed to turn right on a red light varies across the country. Find the right campground for your next RV vacation. Before we launch into details, here are the most important things to keep in mind: Canada RV Rental Driving Tips Friendly people, cosmopolitan cities and stunning scenery all combine to create a unique destination. 16,210 New & Used RVs for sale in Canada Get price alerts and new listings for this search right in your inbox! If you’re ready to leap into RVing, your budget will play a huge part in your entry-level RV. To minimise the risk of a collision, travel at a safe speed in your RV rental (always within the speed limit, or lower if conditions are bad), stay alert (take frequent rests) and always be prepared to come to a stop suddenly (keep a decent following distance from other vehicles).