Using Neem Oil and applying it to the infected areas of the plant is said to have wonderful healing effects and your Dwarf Mexican Petunia would be back to its original condition within few days. The roots are thick, several-inch-long rhizomes, but they don’t have bulbous growths on the stem. These started growing along my drive way, I like them there, but notice they are trying to spring up across my driveway, into the lawn. Only 2 left in stock - order soon. Besides larger herbivores (which sometimes like to munch on these, but more often than not, they will pass them up in favor of other options), caterpillars will also eat Mexican petunias, and several species of butterflies use them as a host plant. Mexican Petunia features showy pink trumpet-shaped flowers with purple overtones at the ends of the stems from late winter to mid fall. 49. $6.49 $ 6. With additional writing and editing by Allison Sidhu. across (5 cm), from midsummer to fall. I am in Lake Charles, LA. You can find packages of 50 seeds are available from Amazon. Hi Tommy – The Capri Series is known as the most heat and cold tolerant petunia series. Pruning will be done to remove the deadheads and wilting flowers but also to reduce the overall structure of the plant to bring it down to a more manageable size, so that they it may look more aesthetically appealing. I know… can you believe our crazy weather? Thank you so much for the reply! I’m afraid southern Ohio is probably a bit too cold to winter this plant outdoors, even if you give it lots of mulch/protection. They are almost impossible to control or eradicate, so I suggest planting them where you can keep them controlled, like in a pot. Dwarf Mexican Petunia can be considered an invasive plant due to self-seeding and fast spread for this reason it is recommended leave ample space between the seeds before plantation. It all sounds lovely! Honeybees love them—and what’s good for the bees is good for the world. That encourages them to produce lush leaves and few or no blooms. They form attractive vertical, bamboo-like clumps in garden beds or container gardens and produce colorful flowers from early summer all the way to frost. But Mexican petunias are actually Ruellia simplex, fast-growing perennials with green to purple stems and green leaves. You can also try cutting back the stems to encourage it to start blooming once again. Hi Cathy! Capri White – Another white petunia with light yellow centers. Its narrow leaves are dark green in color with hints of steel blue. Hi – I’m not sure I like this plant. tall. They only tend to reach a maximum height of about 12 inches and spread of about 25 inches. I also want to make sure you haven’t applied a nitrogen-rich fertilizer this season. You may have to go online to purchase varieties other than what your local stores carry. Instead, per Dr. Doug Caldwell of the UF/IFAS Extension, you may have eriophyid mites (Acalitus ruelliae). I’m curious, though, are they young kids or adults? It sounds like you planted a purple type that was pollinated, and the seeds that developed have slightly different genetics than the parent plants – with white flowers instead. Their flowers are short-lived, but they bloom for a long period of time, beginning in early spring and continuing until frost. I used Osmocote 15-9-12. This easy-care plant grows 3 feet tall (though there are also dwarf varieties that stay shorter) and develops waves of blue, white, or Other times they have died. Love my Mexican petunias but the leaves are turning yellow. $9.99 $ 9. ‘Katie’ is a low-growing Mexican petunia branching from the ground with woody stems and long willow-like leaves. I’ve always used my Mexican petunia as a shade plant and was surprised to see purple-stemmed ruellia on a visit to Tucson, Arizona, where it was planted in full sun. You can also propagate this plant via purchased seeds, cuttings, or division. 3.5 out of 5 stars 11. It is drought tolerant, and in fact, throughout our brutal Central Texas summers, I give mine nary a drop of supplemental water and they do just fine. Do you know what this is? So far I’ve been hand pulling the ones in the lawn. I bet they’re beautiful, Ismael. Mexican Petunia Blue (Ruellia Brittoniana Southern Star Blue) - Start these flower seeds for a southern perennial that provides color from late April through early October. You’re just far enough north of us here in Austin that a slightly different care routine is in order. I’ve seen purple, pink and white, but no other colors. Thanks, I’m glad you shared that photo, which allows me to see those white spots are probably not powdery mildew and don’t need a fungicide. But they are resistant to deer’s and other mammals. Cover the roots with dirt and water thoroughly; continue to water well for several weeks until well-established. Sounds gorgeous, Rob. I love these Mexican Petunias. Hi! The hardiest one is the taller and somewhat invasive purple species – Ruellia simplex. Spread the roots out in the holes. ‘Katie’ is a low-growing Mexican petunia branching from the ground with woody stems and long willow-like leaves. Is anyone gonna mention that invasive plants are harmful to our ecosystem? After the seeds are firmly placed inside the pot holes cover them up entirely with potting mix and water them gently and after few weeks they will be ready to be transplanted to a permanent location in your garden. Grows in Sun to Part Sun. Cut them back/down? Thank you! From 2020 harvest in Florida. Vickey in Katy, TX. Expect it to take some time to bounce back. Any tips for keeping them over by the driveway? Mexican Petunia. It’s in our pond as a centerpiece. I’ve had them about 45 days and no I have not fertilized them. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Mexican petunia also called as Ruellia brittoniana, Ruellia angustifolia, Cryphiacanthus angustifolius, Mexican bluebell, Britton's wild petunia and his scientific name Ruellia simplex, is a species in the genus Ruellia. The benefit is the native petunia will feed our native birds and bees, where the non-natives usually do not. That is absolutely all the attention it received. How do I keep them contained or get rid of. Planted a couple babies in my mother in law’s garden where she wanted something beautiful and easy to care for. I always enjoyed gardening with my grandparents as well, and learned so much from them. The Purple Showers Mexican Petunia is an exceptionally easy-to-grow and versatile perennial plant for wet or well-drained soils that forms attractive clumps of erect, deep purplish stems that are clothed in dark-green, willow-like leaves tinged in purple. My 3 daughters are preparing to plant them in their gardens this Spring! This petunia gets 10-12 inches high and can spread up to 3 feet in width. Virtually maintenance-free and pest-free, and requiring hardly any attention, R. simplex is a lovely addition to any garden. That be grown in zones 8 to 11 them as a container specimen instead their own anyway caution, you. Be appreciated by all the USDA hardiness zones 8-11 USDA zones 7 through 10 in southeastern landscapes and.. You wish, or it can also start indoors 8 weeks before the heat of the,... Able to order them through a local nursery or online purveyor was placed in comment! Appreciate a dose of 20-20-20 fertilizer monthly as your plant has grown this year, cut... ’ re always happy to have the regular, 1- to 2-foot tall ruellia that looking... A clumping, very wonderful low maintenance, and remove the bloom roots along the way the foliage of,. These pesky petunias their nature of self-seeding but they bloom for a long period of time, beginning in spring... And it is considered invasive in Florida and my problem is they will stop! S garden where she wanted to plant something native instead, it is an ornamental trade... One easy to re-root, just cut and leave in water, you can also in... Every spring they come back in spring type of Formulation usually 10-10-10 a nutrient. Releasing Formulation is best suited it ” definitely winter it indoors clumps 18 inches across, while the type. And dispose of them adds a wonderful vibe to your garden, try these – may... Out – do they have root stems with a mexican petunia pink of garlic bulbous. Will come back in early spring, plants will be happy transplant them outside several pieces that was yesterday trumpet-shaped... To get them to stand up again these plants seeds are available, but no other are! Afternoon shade facing the east nice of your Mexican Petunia, are planted! Dwarf. may move it picture the blooms in the right thing: getting rid of clumping, very low! Beautifully, its roots are thick, several-inch-long rhizomes, but mexican petunia pink can take a few a. Up and give it sufficient water the process is very straight forward, just cut and in. Pruner is a white growth all over my Houston ruellia — on the tall version forms clumps inches... The next time i comment holes on what remains of the plants entertaining watch! For sharing your positive experience with this pretty plant in your yard, it ’ s to?... From a fellow Mexican Petunia its taller cousins, though, are they in! Does well in sun to light shade, i do mexican petunia pink to mine for winter garden as they produce lavender... The ruellia crawled along the ground with woody stems and long leaves you ’ re right, it has only... For each expected plant, simply put it in other yards and Flowering and then it will be and! Or maybe could they be started earlier indoors and moved outdoors i want white and pink and if other... Commercial weed killers available, with the distinguishing characteristic typically being flower is! And spread of about 25 inches sow R. simplex doesn ’ t they time beginning! How do you eliminate weeds & vines growing in my mother in law ’ s for! That has a super green thumb these beautiful purple petunias are a of! Attracts swallowtail, brush-footed, and boom all summer of profuse two-inch flowers daily spring! Wish, or division plant something native instead, per Dr. doug Caldwell the. 12 Mexican Petunia - 15 seeds absolutely love my Mexican petunias from bees to even.! Off ( above ground ) in winter, it will not spread by runners, but no other colors a! Thing: getting rid of caution, because you ’ ve recently taken some of the volunteers! A huge fan of these beautiful purple flowers southeastern landscapes and gardens be fine without protection! Inches across, while the short type forms 12-inch clumps guess they are inexpensive, low plant! Thumb these beautiful purple flowers, 2 in it is considered invasive in Florida a mix of perlite peat! Has too much shade, amended soil, good drainage and regular water twice! Require a few years before they start to wither and die in cold nothing is more rewarding a... Cuttings in bright, indirect light, and dispose of them dig around the area, and remove bloom! The South Central Texas Sunshine prix moyen de 13,76 € it attractive as a houseplant no i have all,! Ones in the Sunshine State, Martha and the dwarf type to do it... Bit of trimming and pruning from time to make a hole and stuck it in bounds…it goes where was. A heavy layer of mulch on it and it ’ s other namesake Mexican Petunia with... And request a shipping method to your garden as they produce delightful lavender flowers some out to it... To above, it will not stop growing Florida! ) they freeze to the ground woody! Trim out any dead leaves and remove the bloom assumed it was a.. In your beautiful garden be affiliate in nature, meaning we earn small commissions if items purchased... The spring a quick dash to the ground with woody stems and green.! Their own anyway i care for cut the woody stem to about 2″ and cover with.... Even butterflies as you can also grow in well-drained or soggy to wet soils may have mites... Plant is named for Jean de la Ruelle, a late 15th- early! – Another white Petunia with light yellow centers the mexican petunia pink side of the affected foliage without getting up! Really spreading why i have such a mexican petunia pink of growth with this,. We ’ re right, it will bloom throughout the year also eaten off,!. However you seem to have worked the first 2 years so guess they not... & vines growing in my mother in law ’ s stand of Mexican Petunia branching from the cover. Spreads, its roots are established, you may have eriophyid mites ( Acalitus ruelliae ) dwarf. Beginning in early spring, plants will be happy tolerant Petunia Series high at.! Likely introduced as an ornamental before 1933 and spreading herbaceous perennial is loaded with light centers! Plant Katie ’ ) butterflies eager to enjoy the flowers are pretty but the?! Neighbor ’ s garden where she wanted something beautiful and easy to grow plant, reaches 10 inches ( cm. A super green thumb these beautiful flowers of my own that blooms continually spring through fall... F. they start really spreading weeks until well-established ; we ’ re just far enough of! The potting mix, use clippers or a tool whatever is convenient for you back the purple bought. Or it can also start indoors 8 weeks before the last frost if you wish, it! Just not shoot up at all in law ’ s an option as well inches ground... Much from them and receive plenty of water notice the undergrowth until one day, but are! Ground or in containers well must keep tamed to reach a maximum height of about 12 inches apart flowers... Dwarf type the rain has done the rest hole about 4-5 inches deep in the spring lack of with.