However, apart from just offering its clientele with great food from its Deli or huge bargains from its Tire center, Costco car owners can enjoy low prices on car batteries as well. This warranty period is usually not less than three years, which is a reasonable enough time. I love cars and have a passion for writing helpful articles on tools, car accessories, and how-to to help my readers solve their problems. This is because with this type of car batteries being sold, it was unable to reach its targeted profit mark neither achieve its bottom line. ... Price £ £ Rating 4 or more (51) 3 or more (1) View products 52 results Grid View List. This is because you can first confirm on the availability of the specific battery you are in search for before visiting their stores. I highly recommend you keep reading to understand better when it comes to purchasing an auto battery from Costco. These range from vehicles, to golf carts and to boats. Available to Warehouse Members only . That is why Costco is among the best when you want to buy products like these. Storage & Organization . Understanding how they differ will help you decide whether you are willing to pay for such versatility. The good thing with buying an Interstate car battery from Costco is that you get it at a comparable price and the purchase terms are highly in favor of the buyers. Costco offers Bosch S4 batteries for your automotive needs. There’s also a $15 core fee which is refundable when you return the old Costco battery. [CDATA[ The recycling of car batteries is important to prevent the components of the car battery from being exposed to the environment as they are capable of polluting the environment. Pick up today. Mexico. This is just one of the benefits you get from shopping for a car battery from Costco. Below, the questions you will see are often asked by battery buyers at Costco. 5 2. Yes, they were a warranty offer for every Kirkland car battery sold by Costco. //