This tension force causes a compressive or clamping force on the joined members. A Brainy Bolt insert may be integrated into virtually any bolt, rivet, stud or screw having a body diameter of 0.5” or greater, making it a smart fastener and allowing measurement of tension … In the absence of other external forces, this clamping force is exactly equal to the tension in the bolt or stud. The industry standard tension transducers (sometimes called 'load cells'). Model C Tension Transducer. The LC901 series are ideal for measuring clamping forces of a bolt. Please contact our experts to review your tension … +31 … $8.50 shipping. Spanning over 4 decades, NASA's bolt tension monitoring technology has benefited automakers, airplane builders, and other major manufacturers that rely on the … 97 $502.13 $502.13. In this work, a previously developed bolt tension monitor that is instrumented with a reusable optical sensor was used to evaluate the short-term relaxation of preload … Thus, a load sensing fastener will provide very accurate measure of such clamping force. A complete test system may also include a rotary torque-angle transducer, Bolt Tension Cell, Bolt Torque-Tension Cell or Ultrasonic Tension Sensors. Together they deliver precise and accurate torque and speed that is required for threaded fastener testing. In service, bolt … Brainy Bolts utilize state of the art fiber optic technology to measure tension in fasteners. $440.97 $ 440. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. iPitch is used In conjunction with MC950, to provide control and data collection. Car Belt Tension Tester Meter Gauge with Three Tension Indication of High Low and OK Handheld Belt Tension … A significant advantage of using ultrasonics for bolt tension … A variety of Single-Roller and 3-Roller Tension Sensors are offered with large selection of roller profiles, materials and sizes to cover all applications. Fixed-Mounted and Hand-Held Tension Sensors for yarn, fiber, wire, cable, optical fiber, carbon fiber, warps, webs and more. They have ±3.5% linearity and a 2 mv/V … A Torque Sensor is a transducer that converts a torsional mechanical input into an electrical output signal. Gates 7420-0212 Inductive Sensor with Magnets, for Sonic Tension Meter. We offer bolt load cells (bolt load sensors) for continuous and periodic measuring, for bolt sizes M20 through M72 corresponding with 7/8" to 2-3/4". There are two types of Torque Sensors a reaction that … These units, which contain high-accuracy semi-conductor strain-gauge sensors… Load Washers to Measure Bolt Compression LC901. By establishing a fixed acoustic path between the sensor and the fastener there is no measurement variation due to coupling between the sensor and bolt.