through a single interface just like ISDN was supposed to. Additional Information B-ISDN call and bearer control protocols can be reused on top of UMTS-specific lower layer protocols. Architecture of B-ISDN •B-ISDN differs from the narrowband ISDN in different ways. ... architecture within the context of IP/MPLS, sacrificing strict performance guarantees. 4 In addition it should support higher -data -rate transmission services. Protocol integration is directly related to the use of com- The discussion attempts to address the general concept of B-ISDN architecture and protocol and, whenever possible, present alternatives and the rationale for decisions in the selection of the protocol. The B-ISDN NNI signaling protocol is identified in Q.2761-Q.2764 as part of the No. Example: high resolution video (150 Mbps), video -on -demand (600 Mbps) These services fall into 3 categories- bearer services, teleservices and supplementary services. a) ISDN/B-ISDN Capability Set 1 - Architecture b) B-ISDN Capability Set 2 - Architecture Figure 1: In tegrated Services Digital Net w ork (ISDN) 1 Please note that this kind of distribution is quite di eren t from the c omputational distribution, whic h will b e describ ed in section 4 of this pap er. B -ISDN Functional Architecture 4 Control of B -ISDN based on common -channel signaling 4 B -ISDN must support all the 64 -kbps transmission services, both circuit switching and packet switching. It is still capable of providing all the integrated services (voice, data, video, etc.) B-ISDN is a complete redesign. But it will do it a lot faster than ISDN could. In order to meet the requirement of high resolution video, an upper channel rate of the order of 150 Mbps is required. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Shivkumar Kalyanaraman 7 X.25. The B-ISDN architecture is detailed in functional terms and is, therefore, technology and implementation independent. The same set of supplementary services as the N-ISDN is defined in the Q.2951 series for the UNI and in Q.2730 for the NNI. Bearer Services – According to CCITT B-ISDN is best described as ‘a service requiring transmission channels capable of supporting rates greater than the primary rate. Electronics and Communications in Japan (Part I: Communications) Volume 77, Issue 11, pages 13–24, November 1994. is a platform for academics to share research papers. ISDN and B-ISDN!ISDN and B-ISDN » Integrated Services Digital Network (Narrowband ISDN) » Broadband ISDN!ISDN is a new WAN technology beyond circuit-switching and packet-switching!It provides a set of channels at a single interface » B channel: 64kbps, a principal channel to replace circuit switching, packet switching, and leased lines. Network Interface (UNI) of B-ISDN. ISDN Services: ISDN provides a fully integrated digital service to users. Of course, that copper to your house will still have to be replaced with fiber. •In order to support one or more interactive services and distribution, a total subscriber line rate of about 600 Mbps is needed. But B-ISDN is 7 signaling system, and is called B-ISDN User Part (B-ISUP). B-ISDN and ATM networks viewed as the convergence end-point leading world-wide domination of telephony driven standards. B-ISDN is presented as a network evolution, and the impact of the asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) on the network is described.