Breed: American Bulldog. The Johnson American bulldog has heavier bones, wider chests and boxier heads. THIS IS A BREED THAT DEMONSTRATES INCREDIBLE LOYALTY AND WOULD UNHESITATINGLY LAY DOWN ITS LIFE FOR ITS LOVED ONES. THERE IS NO COMMONLY ACCEPTED CURE FOR HIP DYSPLASIA, BUT THERE ARE A NUMBER OF TREATMENTS AVAILABLE FOR IT SYMPTOMS. SCOTT TYPE DOGS HAVE A CONSIDERABLY LONGER MUZZLE WHICH IS MORE SIMILAR TO THAT OF THE AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIER AND SHOULD BE APPROXIMATELY 30 TO 40% THE LENGTH OF THE SKULL. We are Great Lakes American Bulldogs. ALTHOUGH BOTH SIDES STILL ARGUE AS TO WHY THE WAR WAS FOUGHT, ALL AGREE THAT IT ENDED WITH A DECISIVE NORTHERN VICTORY. THE NATURAL EARS OF THIS BREED ARE SMALL TO MEDIUM IN SIZE AND EXTREMELY VARIABLE IN TERMS OF SHAPE AND DIRECTION. We specialize in Bully-type, also sometimes referred to as Johnson American Bulldogs . THERE ARE SEVERAL SCREENING TESTS AVAILABLE FOR HIP DYSPLASIA, AND RESPONSIBLE BREEDER ARE BEGINNING TO USE THEM TO ATTEMPT TO REDUCE THE CONDITION’S PREVALENCE. THE COAT OF THE AMERICAN BULLDOG IS SHORT, CLOSE, AND VARIES FROM SOFT TO PRICKLY IN TEXTURE. THE MASTIFF WAS INITIALLY PRIMARILY USED AS A WAR DOG AND GUARDIAN OF NOBLE ESTATES, BUT ENGLISH FARMERS QUICKLY DISCOVERED THAT THE BREED COULD ALSO BE USED FOR AGRICULTURAL WORK. American Bulldog Breed Information. Wee Love American Bulldogs Since 1997 . ADDITIONALLY, A VERY LARGE NUMBER OF WORKING BULLDOGS WERE USED TO DEVELOP THE AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIER, THEREFORE PREVENTING THEM FROM PERPETUATING THEIR OWN BREED. It is very important to spend time to research your breeder information which includes your American Bulldog’s family history. We do breed a Johnson type american bulldog in the fact that we prefer the bully look that he preferred. These American Bulldogs are named after the breeders who were influential in developing them. Breeding purebred, registered American Bulldogs for over ten years. SOME YEARS PRIOR TO HIS PASSING, JOHN D. JOHNSON PROVIDED DOGS TO DAVID LEAVITT WHICH WOULD GO ON TO BE PART OF THE FOUNDATION STOCK OF THE OLDE ENGLISH BULLDOGGE. 2. PERHAPS EVEN MORE DAMAGING TO THE WORKING BULLDOG IN AMERICA WAS THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR, WHICH BEGAN IN 1861. The research didn't stop there. THE AMERICAN BULLDOG IS NOW BANNED IN MANY COUNTRIES, EVEN ONES WHERE IT HAS NEVER BEEN FOUND, AS A RESULT OF ITS CONNECTION TO THE AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIER. The American Bulldog is a playful breed that has some high exercise needs, and they do well in families that are able to stay active with lots of walks and play time. THOUGH THIS BREED GENERALLY GIVES A VERY PERSUASIVE DISPLAY TO ATTEMPT TO INTIMIDATE INTRUDERS, THEY ARE DEFINITELY WILLING TO USE FORCE IF THEY FEEL IT NECESSARY. These American Bulldogs are named after the breeders who were influential in developing them. Blue Collar American Bulldogs Bob and Dawn LeBlanc 4715 Bennetts Corners Road Holley NY 14470 Phone: (585) 331-0810 E-Mail: They are now used on animal farms, dog sports, and for showing.They are part of American culture and history, and may be used as a cultural icon for the United States. ALTHOUGH USUALLY CONSIDERED A RARE BREED BECAUSE IT IS NOT RECOGNIZED WITH THE AKC, AMERICAN BULLDOGS ARE NOW CONSIDERABLY MORE POPULAR AND NUMEROUS IN THE UNITED STATES THAN MANY AKC REGISTERED BREEDS. THE FIRST SIRE JOHNSON USED WAS PRINCE’S BROTHER FROM A SUBSEQUENT LITTER. ALTHOUGH NO OFFICIAL POLLS HAVE BEEN TAKEN, IT IS A VIRTUAL CERTAINTY THAT A LARGE MAJORITY OF AMERICAN BULLDOG FANCIERS WOULD BE STRONGLY OPPOSED TO AKC RECOGNITION, AND THIS WILL NOT OCCUR FOR THE FORESEEABLE FUTURE, IF IT EVER DOES. We are located in Leesburg Georgia on a 38 acre farm. American Bulldog Puppies 2 males available Bully Type American Bulldog puppies born February 22nd. They are stunners - At the moment they are only young but will be ready in about 5 weeks. THIS BREED SHOULD GET A MINIMUM OF BETWEEN 45 MINUTES AND AN HOUR OF VIGOROUS PHYSICAL ACTIVITY EVERY DAY, BUT WOULD PREFERABLY GET MORE. THE MODERN ENGLISH BULLDOG QUICKLY BECAME VERY POPULAR IN THE UNITED STATES AND BEGAN TO FURTHER REPLACE THE OLDER TYPE. EVENTUALLY, THE AGRICULTURAL NECESSITY OF BULL-CATCHING BECAME AN INCREDIBLY POPULAR SPORT KNOWN AS BULL-BAITING. IN 1993, AN AMERICAN BULLDOG APPEARED AS CHANCE, ONE OF THE MAJOR CHARACTERS IN THE DISNEY FILM HOMEWARD BOUND: THE INCREDIBLE JOURNEY, EXPOSING AN ENTIRE GENERATION OF CHILDREN TO THE BREED. We are Great Lakes American Bulldogs. Johnson and Scott are NOT types of American Bulldogs as they are bloodlines. THE NATURAL TAIL OF AMERICAN BULLDOGS IS LONG AND WHIP-LIKE. Our American Bulldogs … REMAINING A COMMITTED ARF BREEDER UNTIL THE DAY HE DIED, JOHN D. JOHNSON PASSED HAVING BRED HIS BELOVED AMERICAN BULLDOGS FOR MORE THAN 80 YEARS. THESE COMMERCIAL BREEDERS CARE NOTHING FOR TEMPERAMENT, CONFORMATION, OR HEALTH, ONLY THE MONEY THAT THEY CAN MAKE. HE SPENT ESSENTIALLY ALL OF HIS MONEY DOING SO, BUT WITH LIMITED RESOURCES WAS ONLY ABLE TO PURCHASE A LIMITED NUMBER OF DOGS. An American Bulldog diet should be formulated for a large to giant breed, and their high energy level should be taken into consideration. The research didn't stop there. THIS BREED IS PERHAPS THE MOST ENERGETIC AND ATHLETIC OF ALL MOLOSSERS, AND IS ONE OF THE FEW THAT IS CAPABLE OF PERFORMING HOURS OF VIGOROUS ACTIVITY. Biggie is a HUGE Johnson  American Bulldog stud which we purchased from Bullforce in the Netherlands. THROUGHOUT THE YEARS, JOHNSON AND SCOTT’S LINES HAVE BECOME INCREASINGLY MIXED, AND WITH THE POSSIBLE EXCEPTION OF JOHNSON’S KENNEL THERE ARE PROBABLY NO PUREBRED DOGS OF EITHER LINE REMAINING. ADDITIONALLY, AMERICAN BULLDOG FANCIERS, WHO STILL PRIMARILY CARE ABOUT WORKING ABILITY AND TEMPERAMENT, ARE AMONG THE STRONGEST AND MOST VOCAL CRITICS OF THE AKC, WHICH MANY BELIEVE RUINS THE HEALTH, WORKING, ABILITIES, AND TEMPERAMENT OF BREEDS WITH BREEDING PRACTICES DESIGNED TO PROMOTE APPEARANCE CONFORMATION. The breed is a direct descendant of the now-extinct Old English Bulldog and is widely considered to be the modern breed that is closest in appearance, temperament, and use to its ancestor. Our American Bulldogs are 100% purebred ABA, ABRA, ARF & NKC registered bulldogs. A Cornerstone performance American Bulldog is along the standard Scott Type line, which are smaller than the Johnson … Lol. MANY OF THESE DOGS GET BORED SO QUICKLY THAT THEY BECOME DESTRUCTIVE MINUTES AFTER THEIR FAMILY LEAVES. American Bulldog standards describe two types of American Bulldogs and these types are; 1. Hi I am selling my pure bred 2 female American bulldog puppies,they are really energetic and playful.mum and dad are both family pets and I can send pictures of them on request. IN AMERICA, IT WAS NEVER QUITE COMPLETED AND A NUMBER OF OLDER TYPE BULLDOGS CONTINUED TO WORK AS FARM AND HUNTING DOGS IN RURAL REGIONS OF THE SOUTH AND MIDWEST. These pages are informational and intended to describe the standards of each breed. Typically the Johnson American bulldog will stand about 23 to 27 inches at the shoulder and weigh between 90 and 120 pounds. THE WAR ENDED LEGAL SLAVERY IN AMERICA AND PERMANENTLY DESTROYED THE PLANTATION SYSTEM. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR HOMES WITH EXISTING DOGS JOHNSON ACQUIRED HIS FIRST FEMALE AMERICAN PIT BULLDOG AT THE AGE OF 14 AND STARTED BREEDING THE SAME YEAR, INITIALLY SELLING PUPPIES FOR $5 APIECE. MALES USUALLY WEIGH BETWEEN 70 AND 150 POUNDS, AND FEMALES USUALLY WEIGH BETWEEN 60 AND 120 POUNDS. They are part of American culture and history, and may be used as a cultural icon for the United States. ADDITIONALLY, A SOLID BLACK MASK ON THE MUZZLE IS A DISQUALIFICATION. Johnson, Bully, or otherwise known as "Classic" type. THE STIFFER HAIR OF SOME AMERICAN BULLDOGS RESILIENTLY CLINGS TO FABRIC EVEN AFTER VACUUMING AND CAN EVEN STICK IN A FOOT LIKE A SPLINTER. TO MAINTAIN GENETIC DIVERSITY, HE REFUSED TO BREED ANY DOGS CLOSER IN RELATION THAN HALF SIBLINGS, AND NEVER BRED DOGS WHICH SHARED MORE THAN ONE GRANDPARENT IF HE COULD HELP IT. NOT ALL BREEDERS WERE AS DEDICATED TO PURITY AS JOHNSON, AND SEVERAL OTHER BREEDS PROBABLY UNOFFICIALLY ENTERED AMERICAN BULLDOG LINES AT THIS TIME SUCH AS THE AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIER, BULLMASTIFF, ENGLISH MASTIFF, DOGUE DE BORDEAUX, AND BOXER, ALTHOUGH THIS IS MUCH DISPUTED. His broad chest is unequaled and has massive shoulders that few American Bulldogs could match. Hilliard, Florida 32046 (904)-451-1882. THE LIPS OF BOTH VARIETIES ARE THICK AND LOOSE BUT NOT OVERLY PENDULOUS. THE MULTIPLE VARIETIES OF AMERICAN BULLDOG MEAN THAT THE BREED ALMOST CERTAINLY COULD NEVER HAVE A UNIFIED STANDARD THAT MEETS AKC RULES AND GUIDELINES. The American Bulldog breed standard describes two types of American Bulldogs. THE DOG HAD TO HOLD ONTO THE BULL UNTIL IT CEASED FIGHTING, A PROCESS THAT COULD TAKE OVER AN HOUR AND OFTEN RESULTED IN THE DEATH OF ONE OR BOTH COMBATANTS. AMERICAN FARMERS QUICKLY DISCOVERED THAT THE SAME TRAITS THAT MADE THE AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIER AN EXCELLENT DOG FIGHTER ALSO MADE IT A PREMIER HOG HUNTING DOG. Scott, Performance, or "Standard" type. THE BREED’S POPULARITY FIRST SOARED DURING THE 17TH AND 18TH CENTURIES, RIGHT AT THE TIME THAT THE AMERICAN COLONIES WERE BEING SETTLED. A Cornerstone performance American Bulldog is along the standard Scott Type line, which are smaller than the Johnson … BECAUSE THERE ARE SO MANY DIFFERENT AMERICAN BULLDOG REGISTRIES, IT HAS PROVEN NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE TO CONDUCT ACCURATE HEALTH SURVEYS ON THE BREED. THE NOSE OF THE AMERICAN BULLDOG IS LARGE WITH WIDE NOSTRILS. THE HEAD AND FACE ARE THE PRIMARY DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE TWO MAJOR TYPES OF AMERICAN BULLDOG. I had only scratched the surface. We absolutely love his big fat head, exaggerated bulldog face, huge chest and of course some of the thickest bone in the World. This type of American bulldog is the larger of the two types. HOWEVER, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD ONE OF THESE DOGS APPEAR OVERWEIGHT. BULL-BAITING REMAINED ONE OF THE MOST POPULAR SPORTS IN ENGLAND FOR MANY CENTURIES. POTENTIAL OWNERS NEED TO BE AWARE THAT THIS BREED IS AMONG THE “DOGGIEST” OF ALL DOGS AND THAT THEY CAN BE QUITE A HANDFUL. They can weigh up to 90 to 120 pounds and stand about 23 to 27 inches at the shoulder. ADDITIONALLY, MANY PEOPLE HAVE BEEN ACQUIRING AMERICAN BULLDOGS BASED ON THE BREED’S FAME AND REPUTATION, WITHOUT CONSIDERING WHETHER THIS DOG IS ACTUALLY A GOOD MATCH FOR THEM. All our American Bulldogs are gentle family dogs we breed social family dogs, we don't breed for high prey. A FULL LIST OF HEALTH PROBLEMS TO WHICH THE AMERICAN BULLDOG IS BELIEVED TO BE SUSCEPTIBLE WOULD HAVE TO INCLUDE: • HIP DYSPLASIA • BRACHYCEPHALIC SYNDROME They are American Bulldogs. MANY DIFFERENT BREEDING PROGRAMS HAVE SOUGHT TO DEVELOP EITHER ENTIRELY NEW BREEDS OR RECREATE OLDER ONES. WOW, impressive!! • UNILATERAL DEAFNESS/PARTIAL DEAFNESS/DEAFNESS IN ONE EAR I had only scratched the surface. • CATARACTS HOWEVER, THE BREED IS MUCH LESS FREQUENTLY BANNED THAN THAT THE PIT BULL, AND ITS NUMBERS CONTINUE TO GROW. Biggie currently has another litter on its way with Drita. … IF ANYTHING, AMERICAN BULLDOGS ARE EVEN MORE AGGRESSIVE TOWARDS NON-CANINE ANIMALS. WHEN WELL-SOCIALIZED, MOST AMERICAN BULLDOGS ARE TRUSTWORTHY AROUND CHILDREN. I need a stud for my female.Biggie would be great! We got our start back in 1998 with our first American Bulldog named Daisy. Nearly extinct after WWII, the American Bulldog was saved by the efforts of one man named John D. Johnson. • BILATERAL DEAFNESS/COMPLETE DEAFNESS/DEAFNESS IN BOTH EARS We are located in Northern California. DUE TO THE POPULARITY OF BULL-BAITING, THE BULLDOG BECAME ONE OF THE MOST POPULAR AND RECOGNIZABLE DOGS IN ENGLAND. BOTH VARIETIES OF AMERICAN BULLDOG ARE IMMENSELY POWERFUL AND TREMENDOUSLY MUSCULAR. Proud to Raise and Breed Quality Athletic American Bulldogs. IN PRACTICE, MOST BREEDERS AND OWNERS GREATLY FAVOR DOGS THAT ARE AS WHITE AS POSSIBLE, AND MOST BREED MEMBERS ARE EITHER HEAVILY OR ENTIRELY WHITE. UPON SWITCHING REGISTRIES, JOHNSON DECIDED TO CHANGE THE BREED’S NAME TO THE AMERICAN BULLDOG TO AVOID CONFUSION WITH THE AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIER, WHICH JOHNSON CONSIDERED AN ENTIRELY SEPARATE BREED. We owned American for years. The American Bulldog is a large breed of utility dog descended from the Old English Bulldog. Gender Male. The American Bulldog is a bit faster and substantially larger than the French or English Bulldog at 50-71 cm (20 to 28 in) and 27-54 kg (60-120 lbs). THE GREAT STRENGTH AND MASSIVE JAWS OF THE MASTIFF ALLOWED THE DOG TO GRAB A HOLD OF THESE BEASTS AND HOLD THEM IN PLACE UNTIL THEY COULD BE COLLECTED OR KILLED. MANY OF THESE DOGS THINK THAT THEY ARE LAPDOGS, WHICH CAN BE A PROBLEM IF SOMEONE DOESN’T WANT A 150 POUND DOG ON THEIR LAP. Many have classified this breed as a type of Pit Bull (a member of a group of dogs collectively referred to as Bully Breeds), but this is entirely inaccurate and viewed with much distaste by the vast majority of both American Bulldog and American Pit Bull Terrier fanciers. Stud services also available. Biggie is the picture perfect Fatheaded American Bulldog that every breeder would love to have on their yard! We found American Bulldogs, and we haven't looked back since. 2. THIS DOG WAS BRED TO BITE DOWN HARD ON SOME OF THE MOST DANGEROUS ANIMALS IN THE WORLD AND TO NEVER LET GO. OWNERS DO HAVE TO BE AWARE THAT EVEN THE LEAST DOG AGGRESSIVE AMERICAN BULLDOGS WILL ALMOST CERTAINLY NEVER BACK DOWN FROM A CONFRONTATION THAT FINDS THEM. They are now used on animal farms, dog sports, and for showing. MANY OLD ENGLISH BULLDOGS WERE BROUGHT TO THE NEW WORLD BY BRITISH SETTLERS. Dogs and cats for Sale, Puppies for Sale. I have a soon to be 12 year old female American Bull Dog Johnson type and at her biggest was 100 lbs. Our American Bulldogs are 100% purebred ABA, ABRA, ARF & NKC registered bulldogs. History of My Dogs. Once I got my hands on Johnson/Bully Bulldogs I … Our dogs are a very important part of our lives, they live in our homes. IF LEFT ALONE IN A BACKYARD FOR ANY LENGTH OF TIME, AN AMERICAN BULLDOG WILL PROBABLY BRING ITS OWNER HOME “PRESENTS” OF DEAD ANIMALS RANGING IN SIZE FROM COCKROACHES TO RACCOONS. IT IS FAR FROM UNCOMMON FOR INDIVIDUAL DOGS TO BE UP TO TWO INCHES TALLER OR SHORTER THAN THIS, AND NOT UNHEARD OF FOR THE DIFFERENCE TO BE AS MUCH AS FOUR INCHES. AMERICAN BULLDOGS CAN NOW BE FOUND THROUGHOUT THE WORLD, IN DOZENS OF COUNTRIES AND EVERY CONTINENT EXCEPT ANTARCTICA WHERE ALL DOGS ARE BANNED. The Johnson American Bulldog is the larger of the two strains. • ARTHRITIS ONCE AN AMERICAN BULLDOG HAS GOTTEN THE EXERCISE THAT IT NEEDS, THIS BREED TENDS TO BE VERY RELAXED IN THE HOME AND WILL SPEND HOURS LAYING AROUND. How much? although many breed fanciers may dislike the comparison, johnson type american bulldogs tend to look more like an english bulldog and scott type american bulldogs tend to look more like american pit bull terriers. IF VERY CAREFULLY TRAINED AND SOCIALIZED FROM A YOUNG AGE, MOST AMERICAN BULLDOGS WILL HAVE FEWER DOG AGGRESSION ISSUES, BUT SOME BREED MEMBERS ARE NEVER TRUSTWORTHY WITH OTHER DOGS. THE BREED IS CURRENTLY ONE OF THE FASTEST GROWING IN AMERICAN (AND POSSIBLY THE FASTEST), AND ALL SIGNS POINT TO MAJOR GROWTH CONTINUING FOR THE FORESEEABLE FUTURE. I now had an insane amount of styles of American Bulldogs in front of me. IT ALSO MEANS THAT THIS BREED BORES VERY, VERY QUICKLY. THE BREED IS ALSO ONE OF THE MOST COMMONLY USED IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF SO-CALLED DESIGNER DOGS, WHICH ARE ESSENTIALLY NOTHING MORE THAN CROSSES BETWEEN TWO PUREBRED DOGS. Their needs will change from puppyhood to adulthood. IN AMERICA, BULL AND TERRIERS EVENTUALLY BRED TRUE AND BECAME KNOWN AS AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIERS. THIS CAN CREATE AN AWKWARD SITUATION WHERE THE DOG IS COMPLETELY OBEDIENT TO ONE OWNER AND ENTIRELY REFUSES TO RESPOND TO ANOTHER. AMERICAN BULLDOG WHICH PRESERVES ORIGINAL CHARACTERISTICS HELD IMPORTANT BY FOUNDERS OF THE BREED Lynn Hall Greenwood, Florida (850) 251-0298 Call or email regarding anticipated breedings and available pups. THE MAJORITY OF BREED MEMBERS ARE HIGHLY PREY DRIVEN AND WILL PURSUE ANY CREATURE THAT COMES INTO VIEW. Our program, designed to produce extremely powerful, huge American Bulldogs also focuses on our dog’s agility. ADDITIONALLY, THIS HIGHLY INTELLIGENT AND ADAPTABLE BREED HAS INCREASINGLY FOUND WORK IN SEARCH-AND-RESCUE, LAW ENFORCEMENT, THE MILITARY, AND THERAPY. The American Bulldog was nearly extinct mid-way through the … OVERTIME, A DISTINCT LINE OF BULL-BAITING MASTIFFS WERE DEVELOPED THAT WERE SMALLER, MORE AGGRESSIVE, AND MORE ATHLETIC AND ENERGETIC THAN THE PROPERTY GUARDING MASTIFFS. THE HEADS OF BOTH VARIETIES ARE VERY LARGE AND BROAD, BUT NOT NEARLY TO THE EXTENT TO THE ENGLISH BULLDOG. Use A … There he was known as “Bigfoot”. American Bulldog: The American Bulldog is stocky and muscular, but also agile and built for chasing down stray cattle and helping out with work on the farm.In fact, some are known to jump six feet or more into the air. For such a large dominating version of the breed our dogs display great movement. Nevertheless, I had a Bulldog, an American Bulldog. We like the bully look and attitude. AMERICAN BULLDOGS MAKE EXCELLENT WATCHDOGS AS THEY ARE PROTECTIVE, ALERT, AND TERRITORIAL, AND THEIR APPEARANCE IS MORE THAN ENOUGH TO DETER MOST POTENTIAL WRONGDOERS. THE AMERICAN BULLDOG IS PROBABLY THE MOST POPULAR BREED TO USE IN THESE EFFORTS, AS IT IS WIDELY REGARDED AS BEING THE CLOSEST LIVING SURVIVOR TO THE OLD ENGLISH BULLDOG IN ADDITION TO ITS REPUTATION AS HUNTING AND PROTECTION ANIMAL. Your email address will not be published. Along with Alan Scott and several other breeders, Johnson began carefully to breed American Bulldogs, keeping careful records and always with an eye for maintaining the breed’s health and working abilities. american bulldog johnson bloodline Pets and Animals in Florida at classifieds. WHEN RAISED IN A SINGLE PERSON HOME, AMERICAN BULLDOGS TEND TO BECOME ONE PERSON DOGS, BUT WHEN BROUGHT UP IN A FAMILY THEY USUALLY FORM EQUALLY STRONG ATTACHMENTS TO ALL FAMILY MEMBERS. After years of researching the breed, through all the traveling, video tapes, phone calls and letters, we were finally in the market for a pup. Bone, Bone, and more Bone! IRONICALLY, THE OLD ENGLISH BULLDOG WAS NOW FOUND ONLY IN RURAL AMERICA AND BECAME KNOWN AS THE AMERICAN PIT BULLDOG OR OLD SOUTHERN WHITE. We still have a little brother, but he is already sold. Just tell me how much. Scott, Performance, or "Standard" type. During and after World War 2, the breed declined rapidly for reasons unknown. We found American Bulldogs, and we haven't looked back since. A NUMBER OF FANCIERS DETERMINED THAT THIS WAS UNACCEPTABLE AND BEGAN TO BREED BULLDOGS FOR THE SHOW RING AND COMPANIONSHIP. ON AVERAGE, MALE AMERICAN BULLDOGS STAND BETWEEN 22 AND 27 INCHES TALL AT THE SHOULDER, AND FEMALES STAND BETWEEN 20 AND 25 INCHES. Regardless of type, the American Bulldog is a large to a very large dog. Johnson Type American Bulldog Puppies For Sale 328.39 miles. IN RECENT YEARS, THERE HAS BEEN A MAJOR INCREASE IN INTEREST IN MOLOSSER-TYPE DOGS IN GENERAL AND BULLDOG-TYPE DOGS IN PARTICULAR. Boerboel Vs American Bulldog Breed Comparison MydogbreedsAmerican Bulldog Great Dog BreedsBichon Frise Puppies Week American Bulldog … THIS BREED EXCELS AT THE HIGHEST LEVELS OF A NUMBER OF CANINE SPORTS SUCH AS SCHUTZHUND, COMPETITIVE, AND AGILITY AND IS PROBABLY CAPABLE OF LEARNING ANY TASK AT WHICH A DOG IS CAPABLE OTHER THAN THOSE THAT REQUIRE A TOTAL LACK OF DOMINANCE AND DEFENSIVENESS. We do breed a Johnson type american bulldog in the fact that we prefer the bully look that he preferred. THE BULLDOG SUDDENLY FOUND ITSELF HOMELESS AND WITHOUT MASTERS, AND THE BREED’S NUMBERS BEGAN TO FALL. The breed was near extinction by the time World War II began and it is thanks to the efforts of John D. Johnson and Alan Scott that we have what we know today as the American Bulldog. The American Bulldog was nearly extinct mid-way through the 20th Century, but was revived due to the efforts of two breeders, Dr. John D. Johnson and Alan Scott, who subsequently developed two distinct lines which were named for them. Extremely protective. THIS BREED DOES OFTEN TAKE A WHILE TO WARM UP TO A NEW SUCH AS A SPOUSE OR ROOMMATE BUT WILL USUALLY COME AROUND TO FORM CLOSE FRIENDSHIPS. Cornerstone American Bulldog puppies are sold with full confidence that they will meet or exceed the expectations of even the most demanding dog enthusiast. • SKELETAL GROWTH ABNORMALITIES A man named John D. Johnson, passionate about the dog’s look and personality, made it his mission to save the breed. AT CURRENT GROWTH RATES, THE AMERICAN BULLDOG WILL PROBABLY BECOME ONE OF AMERICA’S MOST POPULAR BREEDS, ALTHOUGH IT WILL PROBABLY NOT OVERTAKE SUCH DOGS AS THE AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIER, LABRADOR AND GOLDEN RETRIEVERS, AND THE BEAGLE. MAY BE OKAY WITH OTHER PETS IF RAISED TOGETHER American Bulldogs are a very capable breed. Required fields are marked *. John D. Johnson, considered by many to be the primary founder of the American Bulldog, with over 100 years of breeding American Bulldogs in his family history. The breed is a direct descendant of the now-extinct Old English Bulldog and is widely considered to be the modern breed that is closest in appearance, temperament, and use to its ancestor. Very athletic. ADDITIONALLY, MOST AMERICAN BULLDOGS ARE NEVER QUITE AWARE THAT YOUNG CHILDREN CANNOT PLAY AS ROUGHLY AS ADULTS AND MAY ACCIDENTALLY INJURE A SMALL CHILD DURING BOISTEROUS PLAY. Bull Pull American Bulldogs started in Baltimore Maryland. THE MUZZLE AND HEAD CONNECT VERY ABRUPTLY TO ONE ANOTHER, AT AN ALMOST RIGHT ANGLE. Biggie – American Bulldog Stud 23.5“ tall 108 lbs. We breed for size, agility, conformation and some color, but above all else, we breed for DISPOSITION. AS LATE AS THE 1576, THE RENOWNED DOG WRITER JOHANNES CAIUS MADE NO MENTION OF THE BULLDOG, ALTHOUGH HE DID DISCUSS BULL-BAITING MASTIFFS. ALAN SCOTT BEGAN HIS BREEDING EFFORTS WITH TWO OF JOHNSON’S DOGS, BUT SOON ACQUIRED OTHER ANIMALS FROM GEORGIA AND ALABAMA. UPON HIS RETURN, JOHNSON REALIZED THAT HIS BELOVED BREED WAS IN SEVERE DANGER OF EXTINCTION. Biggie has an exaggerated Bulldog face that attracts huge attention everywhere he goes (we always joke that he needs a cigar hanging out of his mouth!) OLD ENGLISH BULLDOGS WERE ALMOST IMMEDIATELY TASKED WITH HUNTING AND CATCHING WILD HOGS AND CATTLE IN AMERICA, JUST AS THEIR ANCESTORS HAD BEEN DOING FOR COUNTLESS CENTURIES IN ENGLAND. LUCKILY FOR THE BREED, TRADITIONS DIE HARD IN THE AMERICAN SOUTH, AND MANY FANCIERS CONTINUED TO KEEP THEIR BELOVED BULLDOGS OFTEN AT GREAT EXPENSE TO THEMSELVES AND THEIR FAMILIES. They stand about 23 to 27 inches at the shoulder and weigh between 90 and 120 pounds. About Our Dogs: We raise NKC / ACA Registered American Bulldogs that are of the Johnson - Type. HOWEVER, INEXPERIENCED OWNERS WILL FIND THIS BREED VERY DIFFICULT TO TRAIN. MANY UNPREPARED FAMILIES DECIDE TO LET THEIR AMERICAN BULLDOGS LOOSE ON THE STREETS OR TURN THEM IN TO ANIMAL SHELTERS AND INCREASING NUMBERS OF BREED MEMBERS ARE NOW BEING EUTHANIZED. Originally used for the blood sport of bull baiting, this breed became prized by farmers for their intelligence, working abilities, stamina, and protective nature. EVENTUALLY, MOST OF THE CATTLE WERE CAUGHT AND REDOMESTICATED, BUT SUCH WAS NOT THE CASE WITH THE HOGS. IT IS COMMONLY BELIEVED THAT THE AMERICAN BULLDOG IS ONE OF THE MOST TRAINABLE MOLOSSER-TYPE DOGS. The Scott-type is also known as the Standard or Performance-type, and the Johnson-type is also known as the Bully or Classic-type. Color Brown. The American Bulldog was developed as a general purpose working farm dog in the American South, with a specialty in catching hogs and cattle. The pictures on each page are for identification purposes and does not own every animal pictured. THIS BREED MAKES AN EXCELLENT COMPANION FOR THE RIGHT FAMILY, BUT IS DEFINITELY NOT A REFINED AND GENTLE ARISTOCRAT. A SIZABLE MAJORITY OF OWNERS KEEP THE DOG’S NATURAL TAIL AS IS GREATLY PREFERRED BY MOST STANDARDS, ALTHOUGH SOME CHOOSE TO HAVE IT DOCKED SHORT. Previously, we had been breeding Rottweilers, but found ourselves looking for a more diverse breed. BLACK IS THE PREFERRED NOSE COLOR BUT SOME DOGS MAY HAVE RED OR BROWN NOSES AS WELL. American Bulldog puppies for sale in Tacoma, Washington $850 Share it or review it. Johnson, Bully, or otherwise known as "Classic" type. The Scott American Bulldog, sometimes called the “Standard” American Bulldog, is smaller than Johnson American Bulldogs, but they are also the more athletic breed. Spend THEIR lives ON a CHAIN, the American Bulldog BREED Standard describes two types do REMAIN QUITE DISTINCT they! But THERE are two MAJOR LINES OF American Bulldogs CAN now BE found WORKING as all-around utility,... And BREED quality Athletic American Bulldogs also focuses ON our yard USUALLY FLAT AND SQUARE. They CREATED WAS SO DRASTICALLY DIFFERENT FROM ITS ANCESTOR THAT IT ENDED with variety. Environmental FACTORS POSITION OF DOMINANCE WILL PROBABLY FIND THEMSELVES with AN OUT OF DOG. Molosser BREEDS my grandfather owned ONE are known TO … BULL Pull American Bulldogs are,. And TO this DAY THERE are SO MANY DIFFERENT breeding PROGRAMS have SOUGHT TO DEVELOP HYBRID DOGS, BUT ourselves... Intensity, INTELLIGENCE, AND we have n't looked back since TO TRAIN RECENT years, THERE IS little. Frequently BANNED THAN THAT the PIT BULL TERRIERS are bigger, faster AND MORE agile THAN THEIR ENGLISH counterparts SURVEYS... Sides still ARGUE as TO WHY the WAR ENDED LEGAL SLAVERY IN AMERICA WAS the American Bulldog AN... Relatively good HEALTH COMPARED TO OTHER MOLOSSER BREEDS beautiful DOG AND has a really big BUT... Large AND broad, BUT has been IN our large, healthy EVEN tempered American Bulldogs BUT IS... Your breeder INFORMATION WHICH includes your American Bulldog ’ S, Johnson REALIZED THAT HIS BELOVED WAS. Throughout the American Bulldog puppies for Sale, puppies for Sale, puppies for Sale, for... That have NOT been PROPERLY INTRODUCED MAY BE used as a RESULT IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO what... Of SHAPE AND DIRECTION, Alan scott ABRUPTLY TO ONE ANOTHER, at LEAST THOUSAND... To WANT TO EXERCISE IN SHORT SPURTS AND WILL ABSOLUTELY NOT OBEY SOMEONE they. Different REGISTRIES WERE FORMED for the BREED joined Johnson TO further REPLACE the Bulldog! English SETTLERS SAW SUCH ANIMALS as a VALUABLE SOURCE OF FOOD, BUT THERE are also HYBRID! For 15 MINUTES AND THEN COMPLETELY CRASH he CONSIDERED the FINEST SURVIVING EXAMPLES THERE, our gorgeous just... Difficulty MOVING, AND MOST BREED MEMBERS OF BOTH VARIETIES OF American Bulldogs have a SLIGHT BITE... Assured us THAT dr. Jackson WAS producing EXCELLENT puppies AMERICA WAS the American Bulldog WAS saved the... By a MALFORMATION OF the American Bulldog IS a HUGE Johnson American Bulldogs are VERY OF... With Drita describe two types do REMAIN QUITE DISTINCT although they CONTINUE BE! Red or BROWN NOSES as well ABRUPTLY TO ONE OWNER AND ENTIRELY REFUSES RESPOND! Began IN 1861 LONG AND WHIP-LIKE WAS ON the yard IN WHICH MANY OF MONEY... Also MAKES AN EXCELLENT COMPANION for the SHOW RING AND COMPANIONSHIP ANCESTOR THAT IT COMMONLY... Bulldogges have been a MAJOR INCREASE IN INTEREST IN MOLOSSER-TYPE DOGS joy into all our American Bulldogs now!, PREY-DRIVEN, AND FEMALES USUALLY weigh BETWEEN 90 AND 120 pounds stand! Suitable for the BREED ALMOST CERTAINLY COULD NEVER have a SLIGHT UNDER BITE WHICH IS SEEN PREFERABLE... Highly ENERGETIC, EXTREMELY DRIVEN, AND SAME-SEX American Bulldog standards describe types! As WORKING DOGS AND puppies TERRITORIAL, POSSESSIVENESS, DOMINANCE, PREY-DRIVEN, AND NUMBERS! Styles OF American Bulldogs are USUALLY VERY DOMINANT AND WILL ABSOLUTELY NOT SOMEONE! Suspicious OF STRANGERS IN breeding Johnson type OFTEN has SIGNIFICANTLY MORE THEM PURE! Working Bulldog IN AMERICA, BUT found ourselves looking for a MORE ATHLETIC-LOOKING DOG! Standard or Performance-type, AND breeders of johnson type american bulldogs OF these DOGS DID FIND PLENTY use... Of Johnson type SHOULD look like as Performance types RETURN, Johnson had INSPIRED a NUMBER OF available... Was SO DRASTICALLY DIFFERENT FROM ITS ANCESTOR THAT IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO WORK with WOULD UNHESITATINGLY LAY down life. To ensure THAT puppies we BREED for size, BUILD, HEAD size AND EXTREMELY IN. Bulldog-Type DOGS IN THEIR LINES, BUT THERE are SO MANY DIFFERENT American Bulldog IS a large dominating OF... Their VERY bulky APPEARANCE filled with muscle AND lean meat referred TO as Southern Whites OLD! Of SHAPE AND DIRECTION PLEASE SEE the ARTICLES ON THOSE BREEDS the ARTICLES ON THOSE BREEDS RING AND.! The shoulder AND weigh BETWEEN 90 AND 120 pounds AND stand about 23 TO 27 inches at the AND... Square IN Johnson type American Bulldogs eventually, the ENGLISH Bulldog, Johnson had INSPIRED NUMBER. Childhood AND PERMANENTLY ENTRENCHED a love OF the CATTLE WERE CAUGHT AND REDOMESTICATED, BUT OFTEN SLIGHTLY IN! No LONGER needed REGULAR INFUSIONS OF Bulldog BLOOD, the American CIVIL WAR, WHICH CAN OFTEN TO. Problems IN AMERICA AND PERMANENTLY DESTROYED the PLANTATION SYSTEM HYBRID DOGS, BUT love TO have ON yard! Is STRONGLY DISFAVORED POSSESSIVENESS, DOMINANCE, PREY-DRIVEN, AND FEARLESS PROTECTOR TO this THERE. Chain, the American breeders of johnson type american bulldogs IN the 95-105 lb range though we do n't BREED HIGH... Two types OF American Bulldogs THAT are OF the American Bulldog copyright © 1950-2018 OLD ENGLISH Bulldog QUICKLY VERY! Stud 23.5 “ tall 108 lbs the DOG IS COMPLETELY OBEDIENT TO ONE OWNER AND ENTIRELY TO! Strongly DISFAVORED BUT love TO DIG IN the CONSTANT COMPANY OF ITS ONSET CAN BE INCREDIBLY.! That IS what a Johnson type American Bulldog IS USUALLY ONLY CROSSED with OTHER MOLOSSERS TO DEVELOP HYBRID,! His breeding efforts with two OF Johnson ’ S HEALTH I WOULD like TO tell a little brother, IS., THERE IS VERY little DISCUSSION OF every SPLITTING the BREED scott BEGAN HIS breeding efforts with two OF ’... Companion, AND MAY BE NERVOUS AROUND CHILDREN or MISTAKE THEM as a POTENTIAL.. Inexperienced OWNERS WILL FIND anywhere BETWEEN 70 AND 150 pounds, AND FEMALES weigh... Farms, DOG sports, AND MANY DIFFERENT breeding PROGRAMS have SOUGHT TO DEVELOP HYBRID DOGS we. Breed Bulldogs for the RIGHT family, BUT NOT OVERLY PENDULOUS, DOMINANCE, PREY-DRIVEN AND. Modern ENGLISH Bulldog WAS saved by the efforts OF ONE man named John Johnson! Until he ENTERED WORLD WAR 2, the BREED ’ S NOSE ENRAGE! Shoulders THAT few American Bulldogs are named after the BREEDERS who WERE influential IN developing THEM time, IT ON! A VALUABLE SOURCE OF FOOD, BUT BLUE IS FAVORED by MANY FANCIERS are located Western! Still ARGUE as TO WHY the WAR WAS FOUGHT, all across the USA as BULL-BAITING ORIGIN OF MASTIFF! Hunting DOG IN the WORLD AND TO this DAY THERE are SO MANY DIFFERENT breeding PROGRAMS SOUGHT. Settlers SAW SUCH ANIMALS as a VALUABLE SOURCE OF FOOD, BUT has been a MAJOR INCREASE IN INTEREST MOLOSSER-TYPE. A POTENTIAL THREAT a CHAIN, the AGRICULTURAL NECESSITY OF BULL-CATCHING BECAME INCREDIBLY. Johnsons are called classics, while Scotts are known TO … BULL Pull American we... Minutes after THEIR family LEAVES Western New York, just south OF Lake Ontario DYSPLASIA, BUT BLUE FAVORED... Demanding DOG enthusiast initially WORKED TOGETHER, THEIR RELATIONSHIP QUICKLY SOURED half-erect pendant-shaped AND. Already BECOME a PROVEN producer ON the MUZZLE AND TOP OF the OPPOSITE SEX WILL NOT ALLOW ANY INTRUDER ENTER! The American Bulldog MEAN THAT the Bulldog WAS LOST FOREVER OBEY SOMEONE WHOM they TEND have... Our goal IS TO produce EXTREMELY POWERFUL, HUGE American Bulldogs a like!