If nothing else, VS Bombshell wins points with me as the rare feminine fragrance with ZERO vanilla or amber notes. Mini Mist Gift Set, 7. - 1 oz. I got Bombshell from my mother, she was on vacation to Dubai and I asked her some cheap-ish perfume but she gave me this instead lol. The Warm & Cozy mini scented mist features toasted coconut, passion fruit, and soft vanilla fragrances. Just so refreshing!!! There are important factors you should absolutely consider when looking for the right body mist to add to your existing collection or start a new hobby. Master Shake: Of course it worked not at all. It could be a daunting and challenging task to shop, compare, and finally make up your mind in buying Victoria’s Secret body mist but we assure you that it is absolutely worth it. With Victoria’s secret keeps coming up with new, amazing fragrances every other season, it may be hard to keep track of all of them and remember the good ones. Not a fan. The (affordable) fragrance of my generation along with love spell. I love it for the spring and summer. Staying power is not great, which is a pity. Just a fresh, sharp citrus and an underlying typical 'clean' smell. It also reminds me of almost a complete dupe of Incanto's Shine perfume (not sure which was released first?!). You want a sophisticated and classy scent that is not at all juvenile and you get this remarkable fragrance by Victoria’s Secret. I'm surprised this does not have tuberose because it reminds me of Britney Spears Curious. Every fragrance lover girl should have this. Just make sure they are authentic ones because some are mere copies or alternatives. My reaction to this scent is colored by the time in my life when I bought it. This is the best choice for your Victoria’s Secret body mist collection if you are looking for an eternal favorite because the Bombshell series is a collection to beat. The oak moss and wood notes give it a very green, earthy dry down. It's a great perfume for spring/summer. Smells beautiful (surprisingly it reminds me Clarins Eau des Jardins), but sadly I felt a burning sensation after I ordered a rollerball size on a blind buy. Love it . If not, it could be a wise idea to find another scent that you could get once you need a refill of your fragrance wardrobe. On top of the refreshing and clean scent, you would absolutely love the long lasting smell that you could not get from other fragrance mists on the long Victoria’s Secret series of seduction perfumes. Passionfruit and grapefruit, with peony to keep the sweet juicy notes at bay. Maybe you'll find it loves your skin this much, too. I would not recommend this to anyone. Bombshell is completely likeable. It's so fresh and clean smelling. I would expect not to have to constantly respray for this kind of pricetag. A little fruity, a little fresh, a little sexy, a little girly. I read somewhere that Bombshell is a safe perfume to wear in the summertime that keeps mosquitoes away, whereas most perfumes will attract them?! Now I’m pregnant and getting nauseated by majority of my scents so I bought this. I chose this today over XO Victoria and think I prefer the XO Victoria based on the sample I got that I tried when I got home. Some may disagree, but to me this smells like a feminine version Armani's Acqua di Gio (yes, for Men) in a way. I've recently read a lot of lack-luster reviews of my little darling, so I felt I should speak up and balance the scales a bit. It's very fresh and light, and definitely a feminine scent, but I feel like this would be like a "feminine" flanker of Acqua di Gio. Click to play video . I love it totaly i was soooooo angry because it doesn't last for long only couple of hours. It's strong on the grapefruit or citrus, making it an uplifting type scent. This is a nice, fruity floral. Then as the parfum begins to settle on my skin is flowery smell with pink peony and orchid. Kies Pornhub.com voor Molly Jane naakt in een ongelofelijke selectie van hardcore GRATIS Porno video's. Pity that it only lasts a little while on the skin. Its very light and fresh with grapefruit being the note that stands out the most. Oak moss and woody musk enhance the already sultry character of the juice. Such a pity! Most daksal: Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. i just blind bought bombshell purse spray. Bombshell was launched in 2010. Very elegant and delicate scent! I'd rate this a 9/10. I dont see where people are smelling anything sweet or fruity. I’ve gone through two bottles in a year. This perfume smells on my body like spoiled milk. I used to wear Bombshell body mist years ago like around 2011, and This year I’m obsessing over it again! This smells on me like Atelier Clementine California. Now, don’t get me wrong I do like this fragrance and use it every now and then during the summer. A good perfume for everyone. It is the ideal body spray for different skin types, personality, and lifestyle but most especially for grown up and sophisticated women who need a fragrance for formal and not so formal events. Smells like heaven. However, make sure you are never without your favorite Victoria’s Secret body mist that is perfect for the summer. But i have to admit this scent doesn't last long, and forgettable '_' sr for my bad English :P. Lovely fruity-floral, sparkling and fresh. This is just ok. All I get is a blast of generic floral and there it stays. The good news is that Victoria’s Secret offers the most generous line of body mist to choose from, depending on your personality and preferences. I could swear there is also apple and some vanilla in it. This definitely smells Young, Fresh, Modern. I never actually smelled such girls, but there is something non innocent sexual there. This perfume is definitely the go to for a sweet super clean and fresh smell. got the .23fl oz for 10 bucks (org $18) at VS. smells so good. Victoria’s Secret is a brand that offers a wide assortment of body mist with different undertones, accessibility, and most of all, price range. that's just a bonus. Yay science! it is one of those scents I categorize as "Barbie scents" like Mon Paris. The one I reach for often despite owning many of the best vanilla perfumes on the market. I would need to style my hair, wear a tee with jeans-shorts and flipflops then, to make the whole look complete :). (Researchers wanted a 'control', so someone in the lab had a bottle of this, and with it's fruity-floral combo they expected it to attract them. VS body mists are not created equal and they all have their unique scents to ensure their trademark thus, you must also know what you really want for your fragrance mist. Select a Chevrolet model to view in-depth pricing information, read reviews, browse local inventory and more on TrueCar. I will not repurchase. It is so special scent for me, it was gift set that my best friend gave me last year and i saw her after 15 years, but this one mmmm maybe i like it because of the fact she gave the sample to me but just love it, it makes me feel good, exited, very beautiful one i sprayed 20 ml bottle so fast and i needed more from this poison so i got body lotion, i got 100 ml bottle and gift set with another full bottle this is how much i love it. Honestly, I would never have guessed the components, listed above, having smelled it on myself. Funny enough, I was wearing this perfume at that time. 6:11 HD But as with all Body and body Works fragrances, it will last longest and project the farthest if layered with the shower gel and lotion. I'd describe this as the ultimate female fragrance - your typical fruity and floral mix but with freshness. It has this perfect blend of flowers and warm base notes that just seem to work. So clean and light and just wonderful! It is a clean, fresh and pretty crowd pleaser. Take into consideration that body mists are not like your usual eau de parfum or perfumes that have high concentrations or oil-based ingredients, making them last longer. Victoria’s Secret Intense Fragrance Mist, How To Choose Best Victoria’s Secret Body Mists: the Ultimate Buying Guide, Best Yoga Gloves For All Levels Of Yoga Enthusiasts, Best Soldering Stations – Get The Job Done With The Right Tools, On the Way to Once-in-a-lifetime Investment: How to Choose an Engagement Ring, Best Nail Dryers and Lamps For Glamorous Nails, Best Polarized Sunglasses for Men – An Ideal Choice, Best Front Pocket Wallets – Compact And Stylish, 10 Best Silicone Wedding Rings for Men with Active Lifestyle. After exfoliating, apply a thin, even layer of shaving cream over your legs. It makes me feel like the name says, a bombshell wearing it. I am new to this fragrance thing but I have a small collection already. This scent is soo AWSOME, I just LOVE LOVE it, there are lots of my friends asking me what perfume I were wearing. I wore it to a job interview. If someone is wearing this particular fragrance, I can smell it a mile away and it is honestly pretty headache inducing. It is the dialect of body parts of body language. To me this is a dupe for Niki Minaj Pink Friday and Gucci Flora: Gorgeous Gardenia. It's very fruity, because of the passion fruit, but has a small flowery accent to it.