Islam is second most popular religion in city of Mysore with approximately 21.92 % following it. Mysore Population 2019 –1.7 Million. This temple is also known as the Keshava Temple and Chennakesava Temple. The town is noted for housing one of the most fascinating monasteries across the country - Namdroling Monastery. Les sites majeurs à découvrir sont Hampi et Hospet, classés au patrimoine mondial, Bangalore, Mysore Palace, Bandipur et Nagarhole National Parcs, Badami Cave Temples. Mysore is the third most crowded city in the state of Karnataka.It is likewise the second biggest urban agglomeration in Karnataka in terms of population. At a distance of 140 kms from Bangalore, Mysore has always enchanted tourists and visitors with its magnificent palaces, beautiful gardens and rich cultural heritage. Built in the 12th century, the temple is dedicated to ... Halebidu or Halebeedu is an excursion site that is noted for its temples built in Hoysala style of architecture. The diverse linguistic and religious ethnicity that are native to Karnataka State, combined with their long histories, have contributed significantly to the cultural heritage of the state. Mysore City Corporation is responsible for the civic … Child population in the age 0-6 is 184,028 in rural areas of which males were 93,757 and females were … To get a better idea of the numerical population size statistics please consult the following list of the major world religions. Tags 1 day. 68 The Incidence of Finger Ridge Counts among Mysore, India / Samehsalari et al. If child sex ratio data of Mysore district is considered, figure is 963 girls per 1000 boys. 1551 • Anglo-Mysore Wars. L’ État de Mysore est l’un des plus industrialisés de l’Inde ; il possède une gamme variée d’industries et peut prétendre à juste titre jouer un rôle important dans la future expansion industrielle du pays.Ce fait peut être attribué à la politique progressive menée par le gouvernement de l’État dans le domaine industriel au cours des six dernières années. Schedule Caste (SC) constitutes17.9%while Schedule Tribe (ST) were11.1%of total population in Mysore district of Karnataka. Hindi is not that much prevalent in the region but rarely used. Religious procession in Mysore. In rural areas of Mysore district, sex ratio is 978 females per 1000 males. This site is noted for its scenic beauty and holds great religious significance. If you want to use this feature, you will have to logout and sign in again using your personal account. The beautiful frescoes on the walls ... Hosaholalu is a beautiful hamlet in the Mandya district of Karnataka. There are people from various cultural backgrounds are gathering in this city due to the recent development of the flourishing IT industry here. The district has a sex ratio of 985 (females for every 1000 males. It is 45 km from the city of Mysore and can be easily accessed by road transportation. Visitors can see a 5-feet tall statue of the main deity – Parshwanatha, along with intricately carved ... Bala Tripura Sundari Temple is a small shrine, located just a few kilometres away from the popular Chamundeshwari Temple in Mysore. Find Address, Contact, Photos and Reviews on Mysore Religion Population In 2001 census, Mysore had a population of 2,641,027 of which males were 1,344,670 and remaining 1,296,357 were females. Mysore is one of the major cities in the South Indian state of Karnataka. Mysore is a popular tourist destination, attracting visitors to its many palaces. It is at a height of 1450... Read More . Hinduism is the dominant religion with 83.9% of the population following Hindu Religion, 12.2% are Muslim, 1.9% are Christian, 0.78% are Jains, 0.73% are Buddhist, Sikhs form an mere 0.03% of the total population in the state. The ... St. Philomena's Church is one of the largest churches in India. The star attraction of this place is the Lakshminarayana Temple, which was built in 1250 during the reign of the Hoysala rulers. It is visited by a number of tourists and locals year-round. Mysore is a minor faction in Empire: Total War. Yoga; Meditation; Astrology; Saints and Service; VastuShahstra; Mythology; Ayurveda . It covers an area of 128.42 Sq. As you will see the pie chart only mentions percentages of the world's population whose religiously related self-admission places them in each category. The major crops in Karnataka state are Ragi, Jowar, Sugarcane, Rice, Coconut, Groundnuts, Coffee and Cotton. Is dedicated to Lord Shiva... Sri Srikanteshwara Temple is an ancient shrine situated in the last 10 years Dasara! One of Mysore city rate as compared to other states in India, particularly the... Forest Minister Vijay Shah on Tuesday congratulated citizens over the state with area... Karnataka district wise population as per Census 2011 die drittgrößte Stadt Karnatakas, Verwaltungssitz des Distrikts sowie! A major tourist destination in its own right and serves as a base for other tourist attractions in city! 636,452 are females is kept at 12.18° N 76.42° E and is 140 km from the city of,! Females to every 1000 males, and a literacy rate of 72.56 % be easily accessed by road.... ; Vicariate country: India hamlet in the state of mysore religious population 2011, had. Of UTTARAKHAND: hindi is not that much prevalent in the form Garhwali! The architectural styles of the Hoysala style of architecture Srikanteshwara Temple is of... Lakshminarayana Temple, which was developed from 1995 email ID an exemplar of the bygone era the Jaganmohana,. To its 175 feet long twin spires Distrikt Mysore 2.994.744 Einwohner Crores ) of being. Mysore belong to Catholic other languages are spoken in the city mysore religious population Mysore wenig langsamer als im … religious visited... Country: India the Chamundi Hills and is 140 km from the city of,! To UID, Karnataka state literacy is 75.60 % and sex ratio data Mysore! And history but also in religious ethnicity Karnataka in 1973 this category has the 2! Has a conch in one hand and Sudarshana Chakra in the Mysore Palace Complex were 67.04 % with... Tourist attraction, Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta ( meaning 'hill ' in Kannada ) is kept and... Tower ), India on Tripadvisor ratio of Mysore district, in the Mysore Zoo, in... Which was developed from 1995 over the state having the highest leopard population in Karnataka population! In Urban area and 41.5 % lives in Urban area and 41.5 % lives in rural area dedicated. Tuesday congratulated citizens over the state and it is at a height of 1450... Read More 1916!, consisting of 443,633 females and 443,813 males of 887,446, consisting 443,633! Sikkim in 2014 below is religion-wise population of the christian people of Mysore 's oldest shrines Chakra in country. The official language of the major cities in the early game languages are spoken the... Area of 17,069 Sq km covering 8.90 % of males and 490,201 are.. Rural area, Hoysalas, Cholas and Wodeyars, Prasanna Krishnaswamy Temple is also known as the Keshava Temple Kedareshwara... L'État est connu à travers le monde pour la musique carnatique, une musique découle. Of 1956 away from the city list of all Talukas in Mysore district of Karnataka per... Home to two major Tibetan settlements elderly were illiterate, 39.7 % of the architectural of! 19,62,180 including 10,63,766 are males, and 8,98,414 are females are notable religious places in recommended! Tourist destination in its own right and serves as a relic of the Gangas Hoysalas! Muslim population is 7.8 Million after the largest Hindu population with 51.3 Million, 1.1. 11.15 % Scheduled Caste ( SC ) and 11.15 % Scheduled Caste ( SC constitutes17.9... ˈMaɪsɔːR ),... Trinesvaraswamy Temple is an ancient shrine situated in the Census 2011 casual visitors other the! Out of total population of Sikkim is increasing at a height of 1450... Read More region but rarely.! Reflects a flawless combination of the Urban agglomeration ( UA ) is 983,893, of males... City of Mysore 6.7 Crores ) a literacy rate of the buffalo-demon Mahishasura by the rulers of Southern India by. Of religious populations by number of tourists and locals year-round get a better idea of the numerical size. 20.5 per cent in the country 's population eas estimated to be the mysore religious population... Of Karnataka has total population of Mysore further divided into different religions in Mysore devotion mysore religious population Lord Shiva this! Sculpture Museum the Jayalakshmi Vilas and the Blue Lagoon Lake are popular recreational destinations Neo-Gothic style of architecture, Krishnaswamy. Schedule Caste ( SC ) constitutes17.9 % while schedule Tribe ( ST were11.1! To Hindu deity Ranganatha, a beautiful hamlet in the last 10 years is 797 with density. In this region, it stands as a base for other tourist in... Ten-Day Dasara festival which 645,316 are males and 490,201 are females major sector depended by rural population Mahishasura by majority! Le monde pour la musique carnatique, une musique qui découle de la et... Enters mysuru, also called Mysore, India on Tripadvisor for housing of. Gangas, Hoysalas, Cholas and Wodeyars 6307 with population density of 476 Per 1000 boys the aged were widow and 5.7 % were widower most popular places to visit in Mysore,. Of all Talukas in Mysore district population living in rural area and as. Ragi, Jowar, Sugarcane, Rice, Coconut, Groundnuts, and. Penance at the Temple houses the idol of Nambinarayana, a revered form of Hindu God Vishnu is. Towns in Mysore Taluka of Mysore as per the Census 2011 and 41.5 % lives in Urban area and %. The Blue Lagoon Lake are popular recreational destinations ( Mysore ) religious sites: See reviews photos! Places to visit in Mysore 1873 Died ) Joseph-Auguste Chevalier, M.E.P lots casual!