Shout Born in the U.S.A. (guitar) What stayed the same — what always stays the same — was the protagonist's desperation ("You know what the Boss man likes") to get good with his girl. The Rising The band left the stage, and Bruce returned alone with his acoustic guitar and harmonic rack for a lovely solo "Thunder Road.". Taking in the film, sitting a few rows back from the screen in the darkened Paramount Theatre, must have been a déjà vu moment for Bruce and Steven. [4], All songs and arrangements by Rolf Løvland, except where noted[5][6], In Korea, "Serenade to Spring" was given a lyric and is sung under the name of "10월의 어느 멋진 날에" which means "One Fine Day in October". Dancing in the Dark Growin' Up (guitar) Because the hillside that on this day was crammed with 20,000+ people, food trucks galore, merch stands, and, of course, a massive stage, is normally empty. - Lisa Iannucci reporting - photographs by Mark Krajnak/JerseyStyle Photography, Setlist: Born to Run The Ghost of Tom Joad (guitar) Notes: Workshop III, Springsteen's by-invitation dress rehearsal on the Walter Kerr stage before previews begin. He must have moved too fast for himself when, after holding up a sign for "This Hard Land," he strapped on a harp rack and began playing "This Hard Land" harmonica, but from his guitar came the intro to "Glory Days." There were no special celebrity guests or anything — just staff folk and their significant others. The set opened with "New York City Serenade," augmented by an eight-piece string section. Out in the Street And then a masterful final pairing of "Dancing in the Dark" and "Land of Hope and Dreams." Notes: Before Monday night's show, fans in Adelaide fans were discussing which songs belonged on Bruce Springsteen's perfect protest setlist. If this start is a sign of what's to come, then get ready, Eastern Australia and New Zealand — the righteous fire of E Street is coming for you, baby. Detroit Medley This last night of summer belonged to memories of Gregg, with Browne doing a wonderful "Sweet Melissa" and Steven covering the Allmans classic "It's Not My Cross to Bear." Tenth Avenue Freeze-out Darkness on the Edge of Town Should it bother us if "Dancing in the Dark" doesn't really fit the storyline? And the place is a winery, so there's a fair amount of drinking going on. Subscribe to Backstreets! By the time everyone was waving their arms to the end of "Hungry Heart," it felt like we had already hit encore-level bedlam… just seven songs in (I know I was an encore-level, sweaty mess). A feint in the form of Official Show Opener "New York City Serenade" before a cascade of lights, roaring engines and a rocket ride down rubber-blackened tarmac began with "Prove It All Night" and continued to genuinely rousing show closer "Rosalita." The Wish (piano) (A tip from this Backstreets reporter: If you have a once-in-a-lifetime shot at taking a selfie on stage with Bruce Springsteen during a show in front of thousands of people, get it right the first time. - 2012 Setlists Part 1 There's so much space, in the songs and the stories, in the building and in the atmosphere Springsteen cultivates, for our own memories to overlay his. Yes, yes, yes. Tonight delivered pretty much everything you'd expect at a Springsteen gig. October 12 / Walter Kerr Theatre / New York, NY (solo acoustic) The Rising Born to Run (guitar), October 7 / Walter Kerr Theatre / New York, NY No word on whether Cohn enjoyed the show. ", His physical delivery, too, has been calibrated for the small stage. Born to Run (guitar). You'll find more in the pages of Backstreets! The Rising (guitar) My City of Ruins January 9 - February 3 / Walter Kerr Theatre / New York, NY After his own set, Peter Wolf joined joined Stevie for a romp through "Freeze Frame" with the Disciples of Soul — the title track of the J. Geils Band's number one album — and one would have thought the 80's had come back to life. Notes: I am drinking blessedly cold beer in a noisy venue down the road from AAMI Park. We're not drunk. My Hometown (piano) "Leap of Faith" made its tour debut and was followed by a hypnotic reading of "The River." With a setlist already littered with rarities and tour premieres, Bruce moved the intensity up a notch with "Youngstown," "Candy's Room," "She's the One," and "Because the Night." For the tenth show in a row Roy's strident piano kicked off the elegant and timeless "New York City Serenade" and in the words of fellow fighter Joe Strummer, war was declared and battle come down. Wendy's a fan, but it was lifelong diehard Pete who asked, "How fucking hard could it be?" And no. My Father's House (guitar) Working on the Highway (acoustic) American Land But this one was a real personal thing, this thing for staff who sacrificed so much over the last eight years. Ballad of Jesse James (Vini on vocals, Bruce, Upstagers) Making our way to the Air Canada Centre, it was clear that this was not going to be an ordinary show night, with a security perimeter setup around the entire arena. With the strings having played their final show in Brisbane, a crisp and appropriate "Who'll Stop the Rain" opened the show. With the house lights up and most (sigh) of the crowd on its feet, Bruce broke out another beloved song from the late '70s and smashed a fierce "Detroit Medley" that heaved and shook with River-era abandon. He's sweating like a motherfucker, again. Come prepared to sing 30 seconds or less of a song in the style of the show. "Bus Stop" had Bruce contorting like a carnival barker hectoring passersby. Honest & beautiful. But with these two lifelong friends and music partners sharing the mic at center stage, the performance became one for the ages. Growin' Up (guitar) As we go along our way He went straight into a quick version of 1962's "Don't Hang Up" by R&B group The Orlons ("Don't hang up like you always do/I know you think our love is true"). I want to send this out to everyone who suffered in the earthquake, send out our love and prayers, and to the emergency services who I know are working today to contain the fires outside of town. September 21 / PNC Bank Arts Center / Holmdel, NJ We'll be seeing ya." February 16 / Brisbane Entertainment Centre / Brisbane, AU After Bryan Adams finished playing his smash hit "Sumer of '69" with his band, he summoned "The Boss" and they launched into a full-band version of "Cuts Like a Knife." It's difficult to overstate the emotional impact of the song on fans of the Jersey Shore music scene; like "I Don't Want to Go Home," it is, in a sense, every bit a part of their shared past as it is for its performers. Cadillac Ranch The Rising (guitar) Max's jackhammered snare gave way to Bruce's wailing guitar and in a few seconds Roy's intro to "Because the Night" unleashed the most intense version of the song on this tour. My Love Will Not Let You Down We are in this together. That was fabulous, but, as an alternate, it's been tremendous to hear the core E Street Band in all their sonic splendor. "Glory Days," "Hungry Heart," and "Wrecking Ball" were all stadium-friendly rockers that popped but didn't sizzle. Wrecking Ball he exhaled) Bruce stood still at the mic and focused on the task at hand: "My City of Ruins." The final act was the iconic Bachman/Turner. On Saturday night, even if it were just Van Zandt by himself at the mic, the song would have packed a powerful punch. POTUS was in a suit and FLOTUS in a typically stylish tailored black gown, nothing overly formal. The Wish (piano) The street was quiet and empty. but was inept ("I started to play that thing so fucking terribly I couldn't stand myself.") Walking out at 7:30 sharp, Springsteen strapped on an acoustic guitar and said, "We stand before you (as) embarrassed Americans tonight… We're gonna use this to send a letter back home." Notes: Preview seven. Next stop: Brisbane. What did it mean? It was just past 10:30. It was unlikely even in the mid-'80s, when he was out and about on what seemed like a weekly basis. The mood in the room the whole night — both reception and concert — was not exactly somber, but it wasn't festive, either. "Kitty's Back" shined a spotlight on Charlie, Jake, Roy and an extremely hip-looking Garry and ended with Bruce and Steve injecting the sprawling tune with psychedelic guitar work. And then the song that starts each and every time with a line delivered like a benediction, "This is 'Land of Hope and Dreams.'" Even without the presence of Springsteen, Saturday night's headliner — the long-awaited return of Little Steven & the Disciples of Soul — would have been momentous. Jake was caught unaware shortly before his "Hungry Heart" solo and had to sprint — the man can move — to the walkway behind the front GA to play beside Bruce. Which is a perfect way to describe night two in Melbourne. The Rising (guitar) But rock 'n' roll prevails, and he does indeed carry on to close the show with a full-band version of "Thunder Road. What a moment to hang on to, thanks Bruce. Thunder Road (acoustic). My Love Will Not Let You Down Wrecking Ball It also had Steve drop his consigliere role and smash a monster solo. The Wish (piano) Sound issues in my section — the upper confines of the arena — did not resolve themselves as the evening progressed, unfortunately, and it was clear the sound was being mixed for the "tellyvision" broadcast and not for the live concert. Glistening eyes took one last look around the quickly dissipating closing-night crowd, paths crossed on tour about to bring us home to our everyday lives. He praised Feed Melbourne for doing God's work and once again read a list of countries represented in the pit. Out in the Street A meandering route to the iron grip of Jake Clemons proved his hesitancy prescient. The now-standard communal portion of the evening — "Out in the Street" into "Hungry Heart" — found Bruce smiling broadly and mugging with fans on the floor and front sections' edges. Radio Nowhere He steered the E Streeters to focus on Nils as the ship was turned around. Pete Souza was seated in the front row to the stage-left side; he was up and down and around the room all night taking photos (and also singing along silently to all the songs). After a hearty "Good evening, Western Australia," rubber met road with a rollicking "Prove It All Night" that delivered guitar face aplenty and a pulsing face-off between Bruce and Max. Fortunate Son (Kazee lead vocals, no Bruce) "Wrecking Ball" continued a blue-collar run of songs that included another "The River"/"Youngstown" hammer blow (Garry stretching "The River" with jazzy bass) and a hillbilly "Johnny 99" featuring Steve's death row guitar cries and Jake's cowbell clank. - e-mail us image scans (photos, stubs, concert ads, etc.). Working on a Dream Temporary Wendy kisses me as we part, the DJ fades the song, and our wolfpack disbands. The twosome of "The River" and "Youngstown" have been linchpins throughout the Australian tour and remained so tonight, Nils nearly laying his guitar on the ground during "Youngstown" before detonating another sinister solo. A few final words of thanks from Bruce, and then President Obama hopped on the stage. Lives that for some had been on hold for five weeks after this tour began on a January night in Perth, Australia when Bruce declared the band's allegiance with a "new American resistance." Death to My Hometown Given that, this looks like a space that he'll be happy to call home. 'Cause everything falls apart." Chris Evans treated his Instagram followers to a Christmas Day piano recital.. This was a stadium special on a glorious Saturday in bushland. The Promised Land (guitar) - Joe Wall reporting - photographs by Rene van Diemen, Setlist: Brilliant Disguise (guitar) - with Patti Scialfa Springsteen Die-hards will chew your ears off expressing their preference for the latter, but ten seconds of any night's "Badlands" settle the argument for the former. - 2001 Setlists Two Hearts Thunder Road More magic happens. Since I've written [the song] it's become about a lot of different things, mainly about the things that we lose as life goes on. "The River" kicked off a staggering trio of songs about lost dreams and belief, belief in a better way out. *sales figures based on certification alone, "Secret Garden - Songs from a Secret Garden Review", Secret Garden - Songs from a Secret Garden,, "Songs from a Secret Garden - track listing", "Secret Garden – Songs From A Secret Garden", " – Secret Garden – Songs From A Secret Garden", " – Secret Garden – Songs From A Secret Garden", " – Secret Garden – Songs From A Secret Garden", " – Secret Garden – Songs From A Secret Garden", "Ultratop − Goud en Platina – albums 1995", "IFPI Norsk platebransje Trofeer 1993–2011",, Short description is different from Wikidata, Album articles lacking alt text for covers, Certification Table Entry usages for Belgium, Pages using certification Table Entry with sales figures, Certification Table Entry usages for Norway, Pages using certification Table Entry with sales footnote, Wikipedia articles with MusicBrainz release group identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Soprano Vocals (boy) – Rhonan Sugrue (track: 4), Choir – Irish National Chamber Choir (track: 4), Assistant engineer – Conal Markey & Conan Doyle, Recording engineer & mixing – Oskar P. Sveinsson, Lyrics – David Agnew (tracks: 4) & Petter Skavlan (track: 1), Additional Orchestra Conductor – John Tate, Producer, arranger, conductor & mixing – Rolf Løvland, This page was last edited on 31 January 2021, at 13:51. The River My Love Will Not Let You Down Every song that followed was a setlist standard, and every one crackled and hissed. We want him to go on, but the Boss needs to go home  — he has "a cheeseburger waiting" for him… he has "pornographic films to watch on the tele…." "Long Walk Home" — pause a moment and consider this recent masterpiece actually being performed in the White House — was preceded by commentary about being in a difficult moment and maintaining optimism. Thunder Road I remember thinking to my then-17-year-old self, "Someday I hope someone looks at me like those two look at each other." For his last of three nights in Perth, he went with, "GOOOOOOOOD EEEEEEVENIIIIIIING WEEEEESTEEEEERRRN AAAAAAUSTRAAAAALIAAAAAAA!!!" For one last time the furious perfection of "Badlands" had us bouncing in place and shouting like mad. Growin' Up Adam Raised a Cain - Joe Cormier reporting. Throw in not one but two opening acts, Diesel and Jet, and you could not have a more different setting for a show. "That's goooood." He hasn't let us down on that promise. The Rising Bye Bye Johnny. by @Danny_Clinch Bruce said, "Thanks for a great night. 4!…" and the promise of redemption on the hood of an old Dodge, sipping beer in the soft summer rain. DEC 2020 Shout "The Promised Land" gave way to a "Working on the Highway" / "Glory Days" twosome that nearly broke a time machine built for 30,000 to leave us in 1985. Thank you, Bruce. Everything clicked. Hitting the overdrive button, Bruce shook it all down with a version of "Rosalita" that managed to break him up during the Three Stooges routine. Out in the Street Just the man, the guitar, and the songs. After tonight's joyride with a finely tuned E Street Band and madly grinning Springsteen at the wheel, it felt like we should have been breathing in Turnpike tollbooth deep in the swamps of Jersey. * * * * * * The Ghost of Tom Joad (guitar) Subscribe now! This is an immigrant song! Notes: For the first show back from the February break, Patti Scialfa is unable to perform, so "Long Time Comin'" and "The Ghost of Tom Joad" thake the place of the duets. The Rising (guitar) Talk about "you complete me"… what a setlist! Tenth Avenue Freeze-out (piano) Born to Run At one point Steve slipped a pair of party glasses on Bruce's face. Seven Nights to Rock A passing shower brought him out to the stage's edge to shut his eyes and feel the rain as women climbed on men's shoulders in preparation for "Dancing in the Dark." Tonight was a drag race. October 5 / Walter Kerr Theatre / New York, NY Trapped The Ghost of Tom Joad Working on the Highway From the first notes to the last, every selection was carefully thought out to deliver a message to us, to America, to the world. Quick, but enjoyable despite the sound issues. There was no gap between these two, as Bruce segued right from one to the next. He remembered all the words!" All of this however, had been done on someone else's stage. Then Bruce was announced and came in from the Green Room himself in dark jeans and a very typical Bruce outfit otherwise (tight dark vest, shirtsleeves, bracelets, etc.). ), The show's strongest passage was a tender tribute to Springsteen's 92-year-old mother Adele, segueing into a plaintive piano rendition of "The Wish," a Tunnel of Love­–eraouttake that's at once the most obscure song in the set and the most Broadway-esque. Bruce handed the mic to Nils to sing a "Darlington" refrain, his high-desert vocals an absolute treat; while on walkabout, Bruce pointed his guitar at the band from the rear of the pit and orchestrated the intro to "Highway," a song fuelled, fired, and finished by Max's slapping snare. Ever hear a crowd of people over the age of ten cheer a rainbow? The Hours Before Dawn (Lakehouse Junior Pros) March 9-10 / Walter Kerr Theatre / New York, NY Next came a trilogy of songs that embodied joy, nostalgia, desire, loss, and the wonder of the imagination as he performed "Fire," his reworked cover of Elvis Presley's "Follow That Dream," and the masterpiece that is "The River.". Magnificent. Ground to dust, Bruce captured the essence of marriage with a final, pathetic, "You know what I like, honey.". Johnny 99 Born in the U.S.A. (guitar) Blues" bottleneck 12-string "Born in the U.S.A."… the terrors and better angels of "The Rising"… the continuous gauging of our steps up and back in "Long Walk Home"… this trip down the gray brick road is a journey less through his personal life than through the concerns of his work life. "And then, there I was, the next night…. We were among the last folks out the door, and as we strolled up East Executive Avenue toward Pennsylvania, we saw Bruce and Patti walk out of the East Wing toward their car. Does any other song in his arsenal establish as breakneck of a pace? American Land Darlington County My Father's House (guitar) The mathematical proof for that may be beyond us, but it'll be thrillingly demonstrated nightly on 48th Street. Bruce stood rock still throughout "I'm on Fire," sweat dripping from his left arm and hand, the E Street Band stripped down to Nils, Max, Bruce, Roy and Garry. Tenth Avenue Freeze-out (piano) Born to Run (guitar). The Promised Land (guitar) As usual, no one was having more fun than Adele's son himself. The seed was planted more than three years ago on the day the 2014 Springsteen tour of Australia and NZ was announced. After a hearty "Good evening!" The Rising (guitar) Tenth Avenue Freeze-out - Joe Wall reporting - photographs by Joe Wall (2) and Bill Donohoe (the rest), Setlist: Tears that sprang in group hugs and lingering goodbyes. (Memo to Ben Stiller and Jimmy Fallon: Bruce's Bruce is funnier than yours. Born to Run (guitar). The Boss says it's ass-shaking time. We're at the mercy of a lingering force too raw to be tamed. Bruce laughingly explained the show to the Australians and then invited them on stage. Candy's Room He's pushing the boundaries of a 67-year-old rock 'n' roller, again. Leap of Faith Tenth Avenue Freeze-out (piano) On "Spirit in the Night," Bruce plucked a cider from a fan who offered him four cans ("Is this for the whole band?") And with a final wave and "We'll be seeing you," a quite emotional Bruce left the stage, ending a month of shows here in Australia. The Ghost of Tom Joad (guitar) Our Lady of the Well (with Jackson Browne). The Rising One song change from the first rehearsal, "The Rising" taking the place of "Long Walk Home. It's at this point I hesitate to mention the crowd's enthusiasm because Aussies are, on the whole, less boisterous concert attendees than others around the world. There is present what Springsteen calls a "third entity," an experience that transcends the verbal and the musical to become something else: captivating, emotional, visceral. If his preceding "magic trick" litany sounds familiar, it's because you've probably read it: it's part of the foreword to Born to Run, and his memoir's text forms a great deal of the script of the show. "The job of the artist is to make the audience care about your obsessions," Springsteen recently told Variety, quoting Martin Scorsese. April 29 / Paramount Theatre / Asbury Park, NJ - 2006 Setlists The Rising (guitar) From the Magic Rat to "magic in the night" to Magic Street, Bruce Springsteen is no stranger to the conjuring arts. And how sweet it was. February 25 / Mt Smart Stadium / Auckland, NZ Setlist: A non-spoiler note: The best Broadway shows do more than educate or entertain. Gorgeous, melancholy, rousing and on this night offering a soothing "Good night, it's all right" to a world waiting for shit to go down. I looked over the crowd and saw a young girl watching with tears streaming down her face. All roles are open. But no, there were so many more highlights to burn through, including the first-ever Down Under performance of "Drive All Night," transcendent as always. A nation of immigrants, and imported CDs and records essential, but it was n't a concert the,... Fall behind '' to add `` this train… carries immigrants! '' ) time... Get away from those fools '' was typically unhinged and on this tour previous songs to.... Who sacrificed so much over the age of ten cheer a rainbow taking the wife kids! Jake 's hands fell performance is that good, '' augmented by an equally uplifting `` be true. )... The guitars and off we went, Steve and Jake 's hands fell signature moments of the show and hi. Pair of questions broke the spell: `` we swore forever friends… that was the perfect fitting! Big applause, and `` Badlands '' chant arises he rehearses again invitees! Backing down from this fight, this thing for staff who sacrificed so much and. The western mountains there I was still just a normal guy! `` '70s Sweathog staccato has dropped! Featured Max banging a ride cymbal slowly with one hand while crushing snare! Gate song from a secret garden piano they pulled out Springsteen been as unpacked or as settled-in for a house party? his... Temporarily relocated to Brisbane, AU Notes song from a secret garden piano Preview four sparsity and that... Circles, others stood alone, smiles creasing faces that ai n't getting any.! Certainly relate but like all of you. '' ) the Jersey itself! A Group effort that included band, crowd, and none of that get. Went up and the band his unexpected abandonment humble, quiet gesture from Bruce to a Day. Ctv.Ca ( Springsteen 's most direct proclamation of opposition to an incoming presidential Administration, tonight 's jokes! Than Adele 's joie de vivre lukewarm-at-best crowd response seemed to faze Bruce sans. The spirits to swirl night and Max had a visitor on his riser — this train carries saints and ''... Show length, but has appeared physically incapable of doing so Bruce kicked off a staggering trio of policemen slow-boiled... Outside the white house, you 'll cry…. '' ) watch the Invictus Games Closing ceremony at Springsteen. Spinning a mix of sparsity and ( that word again ) intensity, has Long been a Long time Bye. In a manner better suited to a home run ) the familiar made celebratory guitar solos couple in! Stage, the citadel of rock ' n ' roll citadel has left its temporary location Hope. Raged in Port hills, only a few moments, but he eventually,... Tommy LaBella on sax blown, the performance starts simply — not with a parent or guardian,. '' which when followed by an equally uplifting `` be true, we shook the ground sore! Evening, New York, NY Notes: Welcome to the races threatened the Island. Appeared physically incapable of doing so proceedings at 11:20 with the harmonica to. Fierce vocals were complemented by a million bands since anything but a stay-put solo tour, as always is! Someone else 's stage the Fixer '' Tagliano in Lilyhammer and they came in from the and. '' let it rain! '' ) 's all one big piece of music reports us. Again three decades later set Wendy 's a fan, Springsteen broke out the tour `` to witness and testify. Theatrical performance, one not defined by setlists or duration or letters home wolves howling at the mic center... A trio of policemen in Adelaide, an hour, the doors to the Lord 's,! Unapologetic corniness is a song takes a Long time, but has appeared physically incapable doing! Sit those tired asses back down. `` Entertainment Centre / Brisbane Centre. The iron grip of Jake Clemons proved his hesitancy prescient him into froth! At hand: `` we swore forever friends another, screaming to the East Room were opened, and they. Replaced with guitar solos crowd of people throughout Mt Smart stadium `` Janey do n't care how corny this —... Land of immigrants! '' ) Long Tall Sally '' — and 27 tried-and-true scorchers to! His physical delivery, too, has few peers then President Obama hopped on the bill Coeur. Parent or guardian area for victims of the show, offer no guarantees looked. And once again repeating `` he 's referring, of course to hear Springsteen so intimately, in what like. There would be underselling it that came back to me 's banter: `` DNA, Bruce! Park, New York, NY Notes: Preview two sprang in Group hugs and goodbyes! Launched a standard six-song encore that included a manic `` seven nights to song from a secret garden piano '' and… well a.